albums by bvdub ranked

by authors opinion from most to least favorite and release date.

each album listened to many times in high definition since 2017. (equipment: rme adi-2 dac fs, sennheiser hd 600, etymotic er4sr, lavry da11 (before 2023)).

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  • 2019-04.at the alter - varied collection of long and rich tracks
  • 2011-10.resistance is beautiful - "fall"
  • 2012-02.the first day - contains another track that can go on forever


  • 2018-09.drowning in daylight

  • 2015-12.at night this city becomes the sea

  • 2015-10.lost ambient - "the lie of love"

  • 2014-01.i'll only break your heart

  • 2013-09.born in tokyo - "dont cry mamii (to the sky)"

  • 2012-11.all is forgiven

  • 2012-03.dont say you know

  • 2011-12.then

  • 2011-05.songs for a friend i left behind

  • 2011-02.one last look at the sea

  • 2011-01.tribes at the temple of silence

  • 2010-07.the art of dying alone

  • 2009-09.we were the sun

  • earth house hold.daybreak basements and broken hearts

  • earth house hold.never forget us - it is in the title track

  • earth house hold.wishing and withering

  • east of oceans.symbol 6 ep

  • east of oceans.broken seas ep

  • east of oceans.the lost album

  • east of oceans.121 years


  • 2023-03.fumika fades

  • 2022-07.decades on divided stars - "twelve years apart"

  • 2020-09.wrath and apathy

  • 2020-06.burn back time - "melting spires", "old loves never lie"

  • 2019-02.explosions in slow motion - "us again in amber"

  • 2017-09.heartless

  • 2015-12.white clouds drift on and on

  • 2015-12.home

  • 2015-11.safety in a number

  • 2012-03.serenity

  • 2011-09.i remember.translations of mørketid

  • earth house hold.when love lived


  • 2023-06.four forgetting
  • 2023-05.days of gold
  • 2023-04.slowly shifting lakes
  • 2022-11.equilibrium
  • 2022-10.departing in descent
  • 2022-05.hearts of stone
  • 2022-03.violet opposition
  • 2021-11.measures of a greater mercy - newer albums are quite different from the past catalog. they seem to continue what was first more clearly heard in "a history of distance" and give a rougher sound with distorted guitar and different vocal use
  • 2021-06.hard times, hard hearts
  • 2020-12.101 rooms
  • 2018-11.nights of nine vigils
  • 2018-03.a different definition of love
  • 2017-04.epilogues for the end of the sky
  • 2016-09.yours are stories of sadness
  • 2016-06.a thousand words
  • 2015-12.a step in the dark
  • 2015-10.tech from times past
  • 2015-06.a history of distance
  • 2014-12.tanto
  • 2013-01.a careful ecstasy
  • 2013.erebus

some favorite tracks

  • fall
  • the first day
  • so far from home, for jr
  • will you know where to find me
  • heart of darkness
  • i knew the first time
  • pure of heart
  • live to see the day
  • can t go home without you ("when you come home")
  • when we saved the world
  • crushed under the wait ("feels like... the first time", the line also appears in "earth house hold - never forget us")
  • east of oceans.6.2
  • earth house hold.never forget us