progression of personal program usage and other things

preferred software from the past (left) to the present (right)

  • paredit-mode smartparens-mode
  • svn git
  • mp3 vorbis flac wav and au
  • truecrypt luks
  • systemv upstart systemd
  • fedora ubuntu archlinux
  • gedit vim emacs
  • various-custom-formats org-mode indent-tree and commonmark
  • winamp foobar rhythmbox mpc mpd and ncmpc
  • nautilus pcmanfm thunar
  • qwertz qwerty dvorak qgmlwb
  • gnome openbox awesomewm xmonad dwm
  • c sc
  • ruby scheme
  • javascript coffeescript sescript
  • lighttp apache nginx
  • xen kvm
  • bash dash (for shell scripts)
  • dropbox sshfs

why i switched my keyboard layout from dvorak to qgmlwb

i found dvorak to be too right-hand prioritized, bruised my right ankle in an unrelated accident, and the effect got more pronounced until i had enough. dvorak did not do as good in rolling over keys as qgmlwb, and seemed to cap typing speed. qgmlwb is apparently more similar to colemak, which is by default installed on more systems. transitioning between keyboard layouts is kind of painful because of the concious effort required to reorganize muscle memory. it took me about three weeks to be comfortable enough. i have not felt the need to switch to another layout again since the switch eight years ago in 2015,