music 2003-2005

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old experiments for learning about subtractive synthesis made from 2003 to 2005.

the songs are in many cases set up so that they reveal more the higher the volume - like having to listen closely - but as a consequence the more so distracting becomes the general forest. today i still find the rawness of the sounds unusual. each song should have something the others have not. the tracks should have a relatively wide dynamic range, some polyrhythms, hidden detail and mostly self-created, synthesized instruments (based on mathematical formulas instead of pieces of recorded sound).


cc-nc-sa. free to copy, create derivatives/remixes as much as you like and to use samples or use it as a template, all without asking for permission when used non-commercially


stream lossless below or download a package here


  • 1 | 2003 7 tracks 1.3ks (22 minutes) 107M | copy
  • 2, 3, 3.5 | 21 tracks 3ks (52 minutes) | copy
  • 4 | 2005 19 tracks 4.4ks (1 hour 14 minutes) 408M | copy
  • 5 | 2005 57 tracks 9.3ks (2 hours 35 minutes) 1G | (copy part-1 part-2 part-3 part-4 part-5)

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first album

first musical tries. the first three tracks are a concept on creative process: conception: "session", work: "build up", and "use". it is different from the following albums in the structure of tracks and that it uses pre-recorded bits of sound primarily. i would recommend to listen from start to end, as i think it can be rewarding, and it is only 1.3 kiloseconds long

  • build up: all sounds synthesized. notes are incomplete and are gradually increasing in length and distinction, hitting hammers and metallic clattering

second and third album

perhaps the least interesting in the series, except for the included four-song harsher noise collection "3.5".

  • extension and the extended: here tempo is constantly stretching and condensing. the hi-frequency noise has different envelope-release times per note. the melodic instrument has gating applied to cut the sound off at various lengths in various intervals. the background synthesizer has quite its own liveliness
  • get me phoenix: rhythmical hat modulation
  • mood 2: dissonant part at the end
  • schlachters spieluhr: culture critical track called "butchers music box". all sounds synthesized

fourth album

  • 5f3: switching filter types. only synthesized sounds
  • kalo: no guitar involved. only synthesized sounds

fifth album

tracks that had not been included in other albums

  • whitesea: low-key and subtle. experimented with a strongly pitch changing sound. supposed to sound like ocean and misty distances. regrettable pitch-modulated sound. only synthesized sounds
  • atekkbase: switching between oscillator wave patterns
  • silverglanc: slowly progressing layering with switching sound routes between different effect channels
  • tdt: a prototype
  • teufelsbluhend: had to hit and keep holding a lot of keys at once in this one
  • kalo hyellow: sounded "yellower" than the version on "4 prosper"
  • himmelmörder: a green meadow on a warm and bright summer day
  • flier: i always liked the intro of this one, though it never got completed
  • 0range beat: made a significant editing mistake here and lost the source
  • fun3000: this is what it can sound like to use a different synthesizer
  • halco: slow with deep bass sounds. all sounds synthetic
  • non-specific acoustic stimulation: quite non-specific