(sph web html)

html related methods including an advanced html multipart form data parser

part of sph-lib

module name

(sph web html)

exported bindings

procedure: html-fold-multipart-form-data proc-part proc-multipart result port [boundary] ->
procedure: html-multipart-form-data-ref a name ->
list string -> pair
for parsed multipart form data like html-read-multipart-form-data creates.
retrieves (alist:header . string:body) pairs by content-disposition name
procedure: html-multipart-form-data? headers [header-key] ->
(string ...) [string] -> boolean
procedure: html-parse-urlencoded-form-data request-body ->
string -> alist
parse an application/x-www-form-urlencoded string and result in an alist
procedure: html-read-multipart-form-data port [normalise-header-keys?] ->
port [procedure:{string -> string/any}] -> list
parses all multipart form data available on port into a list.
for stream-like and conditional parsing see html-fold-multipart-form-data
procedure: html-uri-decode str ->
string -> string
procedure: html-uri-encode r ->
string -> string
variable: sph-web-html-description