(sph time utc)

utc related time calculations.

part of sph-lib

library description

utc uses leap seconds to ensure that (/ utc-seconds 86400) is the number of elapsed days.

future leap second inserts are unfortunately not predictable and so future tai times can not be calculated accurately

module name

(sph time utc)

exported bindings

variable: sph-time-utc-description
procedure: utc-duration->hms a [c] ->
integer [procedure:{hour minute second} -> any] -> (integer integer integer)
utc-seconds to hours, minutes and seconds of hour
procedure: utc-duration-from-hms hours minutes seconds ->
integer ... -> integer
utc duration are seconds from zero, unrelated to the unix epoch
procedure: utc-leap-second? a ->
variable: utc-leap-seconds
variable: utc-nanoseconds-day
variable: utc-nanoseconds-hour
variable: utc-nanoseconds-minute
variable: utc-nanoseconds-week
variable: utc-seconds-day
procedure: utc-tai->leap-second-difference a ->