(sph time string)

time string conversions.

part of sph-lib

library description

ymd: iso8601 date, yyyy-mm-dd

hms: hh:mm:ss

module name

(sph time string)

exported bindings

procedure: military-time->hm a ->
-> (hours . minutes)
procedure: s->hms-string a [drop] ->
procedure: s->ks-string a ->
procedure: seconds-from-hms a ->
string -> integer
converts a string time representation of hours:minutes:seconds,
where minutes and seconds are optional, to seconds
variable: sph-time-string-description
procedure: utc->ymd a ->
integer -> string
procedure: utc->ymd-hms a ->
procedure: utc->ymd-ks a ->
procedure: utc->ymd-s a ->
procedure: utc-current-ymd ->
procedure: utc-current-ymd-ks ->
procedure: utc-current-ymd-s ->
procedure: utc-elapsed-day-string a [scale decimal-min] ->
procedure: utc-from-ymd a ->
variable: ymd-daytime-delimiter