(sph time rfc3339)

parse and create strings in the rfc3339 time format

part of sph-lib

library description

rfc3339 is a subset of iso8601 and is used for example in the atom syndication format.

this is a comprehensive implementation that uses a parsing expression grammar.

ns: nanoseconds

module name

(sph time rfc3339)

exported bindings

variable: sph-time-rfc3339-description
procedure: utc->rfc3339 a [offset seconds-fraction] ->
integer:posix-time -> string
procedure: utc-from-rfc3339 a ->
string -> integer:seconds:posix-time
does not include fractional seconds; see rfc3339 ->
seconds-and-fraction for that
procedure: utc-ns-from-rfc3339 a ->
string -> (integer:tai-utc-unix-seconds . integer:seconds-fraction)