(sph test report)

test reporters for writing to standard output for example while tests are running are implemented as a special hook

part of sph-lib

library description

configuration with hook procedures to be called by the test execution procedures.


  ;settings index name ->

  procedure-before ignore

  ;settings index result ->

  procedure-after ignore

  ;settings index name index-data data ->

  procedure-data-before ignore

  ;settings index result ->

  procedure-data-after ignore

  ;settings index module-name ->

  module-before ignore

  ;settings index module-name result ->

  module-after ignore

  ;settings module-names ->

  modules-before ignore

  ;settings module-names result ->

  modules-after ignore

module name

(sph test report)

exported bindings

procedure: test-report-compact result [port] ->
list/vector port -> list/vector:result/input
procedure: test-report-null a ... ->
any ... -> unspecified
ignores all arguments and returns unspecified
procedure: test-reporter-get test-reporters name ->
hashtable symbol -> procedure
procedure: test-reporter-names test-reporters ->
hashtable -> (symbol ...)
variable: test-reporters-default