(sph test base)

part of sph-lib

module name

(sph test base)

exported bindings

procedure: test-create-result [success? title assert-title index result arguments expected] ->
boolean string string integer any list any -> vector:test-result
procedure: test-result-arguments a ->
procedure: test-result-assert-title-set! a value ->
procedure: test-result-expected a ->
procedure: test-result-index a ->
procedure: test-result-index-set! a value ->
procedure: test-result-result a ->
procedure: test-result-success? a ->
procedure: test-result-title a ->
procedure: test-result-title-set! a value ->
procedure: test-result? a ->
procedure: test-success? result expected ->
vector/any any -> boolean
if result is a test-result, check if it is a successful result. otherwise compare result and expected for equality