(sph module binding-info)

get information about bindings in modules

part of sph-lib

module name

(sph module binding-info)

exported bindings

procedure: bi-arguments a ->
procedure: bi-arguments-set! a value ->
procedure: bi-documentation a ->
procedure: bi-documentation-set! a value ->
procedure: bi-name a ->
procedure: bi-name-set! a value ->
procedure: bi-type a ->
procedure: bi-type-set! a value ->
procedure: macro->binding-info macro name ->
macro-variable -> vector
procedure: module-binding-info module-name ->
(symbol ...) -> (vector ...)
get information about all exported bindings of the given module
procedure: procedure->binding-info proc [name] ->
procedure [string] -> vector
procedure: sort-module-binding-info a ->
(binding-info ...)