(sph lang itpn)

helpers for working with a notation that lists space separated tags and then associated text indented in following lines.

part of sph-lib

library description

itpn: indent tree packet notation

ittpn: indent tree tag packet notation

module name

(sph lang itpn)

exported bindings

procedure: itfpn-tags a ->
parsed-itpn -> (string ...)
may include duplicates
procedure: itfpn-tags-sort a less? ->
procedure: itpn-from-file path ->
-> parsed-itpn
procedure: itpn-from-port a ->
-> parsed-itpn
procedure: itpn-packets-sort a less? ->
procedure: itpn-prefixes a ->
procedure: itpn-string a ->
parsed-itpn -> string
procedure: line->tags a ->
procedure: tags->line a ->