(sph documentation)

extract and display documentation (bindings, arguments and docstrings) from modules

part of sph-lib

module name

(sph documentation)

exported bindings

procedure: default-format-arguments arguments type ->
procedure: display-module-information-short a [markdown?] ->
procedure: doc-bindings libraries [pair] ->
(list ...) -> ((symbol:name . list:library-name) ...)
get a list of all bindings and the library name they belong to for all specified library names
procedure: docstring-split-signature a line-prefix c ->
string string procedure:{string:type-signatures string:rest-of-docstring} -> any
if a string starts with a type-signature, split string at the end of it
procedure: format-module-documentation module-name [format-config] ->
(symbol ...) [list] ->
return a string for the documentation found in a module (binding names, arguments and docstrings).
for just retrieving module documentation as scheme data consider (sph module binding-info).
(format-module-documentation (quote (rnrs sorting)))
procedure: lines->docstring a indent-string ->
list (string ...) -> string
procedure: module-description name ->
(symbol ...) -> false/string
get the module description from an exported variable with a specific name:
(a b c) -> a-b-c-description
procedure: module-find-one-information search-paths module-find-one-arguments ... ->
procedure: module-find-one-information-sorted search-paths module-find-arguments ... ->
variable: output-format-indent
variable: output-format-list
variable: output-format-markdown
variable: output-format-signature
procedure: sort-module-information a ->
variable: sph-documentation-description