random phrases and quotes that, if anything, are supposed to be thought-provoking

no risk more fun

even if it is not perfect, prepare it to become so

music decorates time

nothing a person has done can prove that the next thing they do will be as good as anything they did

"everybody shall be king" - the king

times value stands in contrast to its effortless passing

the sensorial buffet of the living

thoughts tend to be discrete, feelings tend to be continuous

while abstraction simplifies by summarizing something, the number of possible abstractions is more numerous than the parts because abstractions can be made for every combination of parts

knives are small swords, spoons are small shovels, houses are artificial caves, heaters are summer simulators

do not just accept the premise of the question

the, breath-comma

zach is into city cartography, here's a tongue twister: zach maps blocks, zach maps blocks, zach maps blocks

another tongue twister: wood block print, wood block print, wood block print

you are the person of my dreams, nightmares that is

even if you choose flight, you will still move into a direction, at the least in time

birthdays exist to make people feel confused, sad and alone in case they fail to celebrate it in the socially prescribed way

criminals tend to focus on rewards instead of negative consequences

they take your time 'til time takes you

looking at screens like deers into headlights

self-confidence comes from a feeling of control

discipline is about reactions to ones own thoughts and senses

to create a fake picture of clouds from above, take a photo of a cloudy sky, cut off the landscape and flip vertically

some things are easy as in easily applied, not obvious, as they took several lifetimes to discover

getting entertained by the luckier doing their thing

it is easy to be on one side of the wall if you built it

not mistake, you steak

what the mind is able to distinguish, it can appreciate

when the hell are we

posthumously sentenced to death for suicide

outsiders in a group: insiders

do not assume, do not expect, be yourself without regret


it might earn me a price in five hundred years

sometimes little is more annoying than someone in too good a mood

never be led by someone already behind you

more money than you will ever have had

three dimensional space has six general directions

how people that seem so similar to you turn out to be morons anyway

"are you crazy, why do you bother, why do you not like what we all like?" - alienated as that, you become a composer

a street carpet is a childs grand theft auto

regardless of how good something is, what matters is how many will endorse it

feeling like a drop from the ceiling

electro cute

4-digit iq

the cat smoked pot and became very smooth

poke with a stick

people that never fix a problem at its root

i need a new fortune cookie, my previous one has been fulfilled

life goal of avoiding a darwin award

a widespread false definition of logic and truth is "that which feels good"

if somebody is doing something that net benefits, do not be discouraging. it may be something you would never find the time to do

moral parasites have morals that tend to work for them and against others which they are exploiting. like double standards about suffering, saying it is morally right to make selected groups suffer

do not copy nature, mirror it

it does not necessarily mean that what you do is wrong, it could mean that there arent many like you to appreciate it

i will make sure that the whale gets its favorite plankton

language is an extension of us. the tower of what we are still goes all the way down

smart politics are moderate

getting accused of perfectionism: "he accused me of perfection"

fancy biscuits, edible foliage, spacefire, full-life job

traffic lights inside buildings

he speaks in empty strings

for the metallic sound that is played in movies when characters draw swords, imagine they have a knife sharpener in the sheath

i miss you when i blink

if there are not enough good people with the exceptionality required to succeed in politics, we fail. we should reduce the required exceptionality to what we actually need, to get enough good people doing the job

ideological extremes are often concerned with radical and forced normalisation of people

learn to understand deeply the meaning of losing while uncovering your prizes from the genetic lottery

next thing they do to improve statistics is to count all the unemployed as self-employed in the profession beggar

as i sat in front of the grumbling train my, heart was mind in flowers then

such simple, much complicated, very problem

by the sugar mines and salt beets

terrorist groups usually do not have kalashnikov factories

tattoos are like a sticker that can not be removed. i feel like you are trying to sell me something on its worst feature

im so bad at this game, i couldnt even win against myself

sound will have had to have been made

i know what infinity feels like. that is where i come from, that is where i go. it is the most familiar place of all

it is always a good feeling to wake up next to someone that stays with you because they would lose the house, half their savings and future income

wearing guns to protect yourself from people who are doing the same

loking at clouds in the sky, you do not know if you are looking at an ocean from space. looking at the grass, you do not know if you are towering over an empire of trees

the further you want to go, the less people you will find that are willing to go with you

carelessness is the root of all evil

work exists to kill the enthusiasm of the morning and drain the energy for the evening

computer related

software is only as good as it is tested

the final conclusion of the internet is information. to get information about any topic instantly, movies, music, statistics, science, software, opening hours, locations, et cetera. the time needed for any kind of internet research should be so short that it barely registers

sometimes you respect people, then you see their code

never change a rotten system

to regain confidence in the determinism of machines and the observability of problems

a mathematicians keyboard has only greek letters with special characters on shift and no spacebar

harddisks are bit printers

badminton tournament for administrators: adminton

data migrainetion

the internet makes more people deal with text and abstract thought

typos and invented

the ant enna, apparent lee, e-mess, lll low-level-lisp, SCM_FOOL_B, sequrity, ystax, fedine, sattus, duplicat, voctor, crusor, exmaple, cerate, evidance, pretty-pint, summersalt, somatosensory exasperation

unusual names for children

helvetica, lucida, andale, arial, verdana, calibri, frutiger ...; yaquaqe, szyzygy, cassiopeia, quendoline, icosahedra, clorinda, aurelia, alchiva, myhrre, larsoff rubiniental