about the video game tekken

command notation

more comprehensive list here


  ub   uf
b         f
  db   df


1 2
 3 4
+   at the same time.
    for example: 1 + 2
,   followed
    for example: 1, 2, 1 + 2

many characters have special moves or stances and there are special situations that are sometimes encoded with certain letters. some common ones are:

ss  sidestep
ws  while standing. actually means while in the motion of standing up from crouch
s!  screw. when in a combo, the opponent swirls around on their back and the attack can be continued

fighting stick vs pad

in my experience

  • fighting stick

    • can be loud when used
    • might not be as precise for exact direction input or needs higher dexterity at least to move the stick in the exact place
    • longer paths for quick direction changes or repetitions
    • depending on the spring used, it is either harder to move the lever, or it takes longer until it is back in the center and can be moved into a direction again
    • easier button input because buttons are much larger and easier to press. fingers can also lie directly on large comfortable buttons like touch typing on a keyboard. the buttons i know are not completely tight though and are audible from sideways movement and pressing down
    • more ergonomic right hand position
  • pad

    • more difficult button control, because the buttons are smaller and harder to press because of less surface
    • digipad half circles and circles are at first rough on the thumb but decently possible. easier to go back to neutral and quickier digipad input
    • quiet
    • most pads are heavy (over 200g). the lightest controller is perhaps the ps3 sixaxis, the first version without vibration. an issue with old controllers is though, that they are usually quite used up because they arent manufactured anymore
    • some say bluetooth connection is faster than wired, but in my tests it wasnt as good. under linux, it is possible to set a custom mouse polling rate (display with "systool -m usbhid -A jspoll")
    • ps3 controller

      • needs a good micro usb cable that fits tightly or it falls out
      • the springs in the back buttons can become too easy to accidentally press over time
      • the buttons seem easier and faster to press than on the ds4
      • the digipad is smaller than the ds4, but probably because of that, seems precise and fast. i find the ds4 pad is more relaxed, for characters with simple inputs, and the ds3 more fun for fast, execution heavy characters