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rhetorical devices and logical fallacies

rhetological fallacies


high resolution videowalks in japan

2160p 60fps, no music or commentary

youtube videos, entertainment

introduction to geometric algebra


update your physics understanding

quantum fields: the real building blocks of the universe

korean hangul learning resources 2018


with prefix notation you do not say "1 plus 2 plus 3 plus 4 plus 5 plus 6 plus 7 plus 8", but "sum 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8"


it seems as if two-choice public votes/referendums/elections tend to lead to 50/50% results

fail terrorism ideology history

people fought and died for anarchism, fascism, communism, catholicism, islamism

idea statistic computer application

forever alone calculator: now you can confirm statistically that you will be forever alone. calculates from features like "smoker" "gender" "monogamous" "vegetarian" "same country" "distance" "age range". result in a percentage of current population matching

invention idea

  • vacuum light: have a strong light on the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner that shines parallel to the ground. the light will cast long shadows for dirt particles, making them visible clearly
  • a speedometer for bicycles that beeps when under a certain speed. benefits: increased excercise intensity by suggesting to increase effort. speed is often suprisingly difficult to guess. another benefit is that when slowing down to pass pedestrians, the beeping works as an automatic indicator/bell to warn other people
  • intrusion protection with irritant gas: on break-in, fill room with tear gas, requiring intruders to carry gas masks
  • spray soap

instant-messaging humor

when chatting with multiple people separately using instant messaging, you can copy text between conversation windows to let them unknowingly talk to each other

license difference programming

  • gpl: you care about your code being part of something free
  • other: you dont

tool marketing invention insight

tools can be harder to sell than the things one can do with them. especially if one wants to do something with them that noone so far wants to do, so that existing tools are already sufficient to most. trying to sell the tools means trying to sell them on what you can do with them, but noone will care since they dont want to do what they can do different, it is not significant, and for what the mass already wants to do, existing tools are more reliable

foreign quote science

  • knowledge -> wisdom -> insight
  • the only point of the scientific method is to make sure you are not fooled into thinking something is true when it is not, or thinking that something is not true that is. take better notes, be more awake next time you take the data, bring a friend to observe it with you, etc, whatever it takes to minimise the chances to misinterpret what you are looking at

question progress civilisation

mathematicians in, say, the years 200-1000 already showed remarkable ingeniuity. smart enough that they should have been aware of a lot of things. if people where that smart, what prevented progress

school teaching learning

i want to learn what i want to learn when i want to learn it. contrary to school, where i am teached things i dont want to learn and things at times i dont want to learn them

website internet fail research

what is a herp derp? a herp derp is very powerful it is often used in big projects more and more people are using it every day herp derp is so great, nobody can go without it and it is so easy to understand, it is so simple, it is trivial on this page, we will explain what it is dont be afraid, it is not that hard to understand we will summarise all that it is, and give you the complete low-down on herp derp so that at the end of this article, you will have mastered it be ready and prepared, take a deep breath, here we go the name herp derp is constructed from the words "herp" and "derp" which means the words "herp" and "derp" are combined to describe one thing you will need herp derps frequently in your professional life, as it is that special herp derp, as derps usually are, are very common it is so common, and so important, that almost everybody knows what a herp derp is even your grandma has probably used a herp derp at least once in her life just like john derp herp, who in 1862 invented the first herp derp with his son. on a breezy summer morning, he learned about the immeasurable significance of herp derp there are many different kinds of herp derps some are more useful, some less so, but all are at least somewhat similar herp derp is simply a herp derp we hope that you now know everything you need to know about herp derp, to truly excel at applying herp derp in your future endeavours share this article

fail mathematics

when trying to learn about mathematics, i understand nothing. all i am reading is "easy", "simply", "easily", "just", "trivial", "straightforward", "remarkably easy", "very simple", "obvious", "clearly", "everybody knows", "simple equation" peppered excessively through the documents. apparently mathematicians excel at explaining things from a disconnected perspective

foreign quote

each part large enough to do something substantial, but small enough to be understood as a single unit

idea programming syntax color

syntax highlighting:

  • use a different color for each function parameter
  • use a different color for bindings with the same prefix. for working with different modules

law society

"not being an utter shitbag to poor people"-laws

politics society

we are governed by exceptional people (for good or bad qualities). if there are no good people that match the requirements of exceptionality, we fail. we should reduce the required exceptionality to the minimum to get enough good people

observation abstraction

while abstraction simplifies by summarising something, the number of possible abstractions is more numerous than the lower parts because abstractions can be made for every combination of parts

dangerous list

  • fine dust of grain and similar. surprisingly can catch fire explosively
  • wheels can come loose of vehicles with high weight and speed
  • tyres can explode
  • building demolitions can propel stones
  • standing in a flow of water can sweep the feet to the side and make one fall, hit the head, drown, sweep under, away
  • there can be "vertical rivers", rifts filled with streams of water. some with an extremely low survival rate. ice rifts tend to certainly not be survivable

gun-control politics

two perspectives on gun control:

    1. it is like a network of multiple streets branching off of each car, and not all can go every path. gun control blocks some dangerous paths
    1. it is like wide empty highways every one can use, with signs on the sides that say "dont go there!", gold plated and payed for by the tax payers, but prevent noone from moving forward at full speed

bicycle transportation comparison pedestrian car

  • pedestrian: elementary school student. can not do anything, playball
  • bicycle: college student. more responsibility, still can not do much
  • car: boss. highest responsibility, steers, can do everything

path-dependence progress

  • switch now: hassle for a while. some benefits to the economy (buy new tools)
  • switch later: can become more and more difficult to switch after the old system manifests even deeper
  • switch never: never get the benefits

meme europe fail

speak overcomplicated language that only 5% of people in the world understand - complain that tourists do not speak your language


isis does not have a kalashnikov factory


moral parasites have morals that tend to work for them and against others which they are exploiting with them. like double standards about suffering, saying it is morally right to make selected groups suffer

unemployed weird humor

count all unemployed people as self-employed in the profession beggar


you are either optimising or adapting

foreign quote

sometimes things may go wrong as planned

idea fail

there is no good free dating site that does anything against the fact that women are typically flooded with messages. a senders message limit would be all that is needed

intelligence pattern foreign

  • stupidity is associated with action, intelligence is associated with inactivity
  • there is compassion for good-hearted dumb things

quote programming humor

if there is a bug and no one is there to see it, is it really a bug

idea filesystem computer application

filesystem utilities: directory merge, splice, group into directory, move file upwards

feeling thinking

thoughts tend to be discrete, feelings tend to be continuous

media sword sound realism

for the loud metallic sound that is often played when movie characters draw swords, imagine they have a knife sharpener in the sheath

family picture room idea

if having extra rooms: family picture room/museum. family members get a wall or a part of a wall and decorate it with lifes most dearest photos and other pictures

programming problem identifier modularisation

while an application grows and gets composed out of others, identifiers tend to have to be more specific. example: the link url, the content data link url, the project 1 content data link url, the site 1 project 1 content data link url

idea humor

talking cup: "coffee is getting cold", "too hot"

java forsite

what is javas double.min_value and double.max_normal in c? from float.h: DBL_MIN and DBL_MAX. not DBL_EPSILON

game server manager

  • gameservermanagers
  • install and management program for game servers on linux
  • 50+ games supported:
  • 7DaysToDie ARKSurvivalEvolved Arma3 Battlefield1942 BlackMesa BladeSymphony BrainBread2 CodenameCURE CounterStrike CounterStrikeConditionZero CounterStrikeGlobalOffensive CounterStrikeSource DayOfDefeat DayOfDefeatSource DayOfInfamy DeathmatchClassic DontStarveTogether DoubleActionBoogaloo EmpiresMod FistfulOfFrags GarrysMod GoldenEyeSource HalfLife2Deathmatch HalfLifeDeathmatch HalfLifeDeathmatchSource Hurtworld Insurgency JustCause2 KillingFloor Left4Dead Left4Dead2 Minecraft Mumble NS2Combat NaturalSelection2 NoMoreRoomInHell OpposingForce PiratesVikingandKnightsII ProjectZomboid Quake2 Quake3 QuakeLive QuakeWorld RedOrchestra Ricochet Rust SeriousSam3BFE Starbound SvenCoop TeamFortress2 TeamFortressClassic TeamSpeak3 Teeworlds Terraria UnrealTournament UnrealTournament2004 UnrealTournament3 UnrealTournament99 WolfensteinEnemyTerritory

digital music store

  • bandcamp.com
  • download of unrestricted files
  • lossless flac format as well as several other formats included in a buy
  • relatively low 10-15% fee for sellers
  • unlimited streaming for bought music
  • minimalistic and responsive interface
  • a wishlist and the option to follow artists and other users

international space station - how is living up there?

youtube video tours through the iss by different astronauts:


time formats

  • iso date: yyyy-mm-dd
  • iso time: hh:mm:ss
  • kiloseconds for daytime: ss.ss
  • week number 52-53

how to draw slopes with varying steepness

without specifying intermediate points in advance, with giving a value for rate to specify the steepness

(x, rate, previous_rate, previous_y, y_level)->
  x_rate = x * rate
  y_level =
    if previous_rate is rate
      x - x_rate + previous_y - (x - (x_rate - rate * (x - 1)))
  y = y_level + x_rate
  [y, y_level]

not obvious in this procedure, that can possibly be simplified, is how values have to be adjusted to keep the starting points of new steeper or shallower segments attached to the end of previous ones. one can imagine lines of f(x) = rate * x with different rate. the lines cross only at zero and it looks a bit like a fan. with this function, one can get only points on separate slopes, with straight changes when starting to draw parts of different ones. it is possible to translate the starting point of any possible slope by addition or subtraction to make it cross at exactly the point where rate changed and start drawing a segment from there. in the above function, x and rate are the main parameters and the values used for correction are related to the center y = x slope and the end point of the previous segment.

but, this creates an ever growing number and there is potential for increasing numerical error with floating point numbers, either because the value becomes large and less exact or the input of previous_y and y_level accumulates errors through addition.

a probably better alternative would be a function that takes width and height instead of rate, to be able to calculate an endpoint, and then use an interpolation function to get points between the start and end points. if width or height changes, the target point would just move