albums by bvdub ranked

by authors opinion from best to worst and release date.

each album listened to many times in high definition over the course of four years. bvdub on bandcamp


  • 2019-04.at the alter - varied collection of long and rich tracks
  • 2011-10.resistance is beautiful - has one of these endless tracks moving like a machine that can go on forever
  • 2012-02.the first day - another endless track


  • 2018-09.drowning in daylight

  • 2015-12.at night this city becomes the sea - there is something different about this album that i like

  • 2015-10.lost ambient - "the lie of love"

  • 2014-01.i'll only break your heart

  • 2013-09.born in tokyo - the last track is particularly cool

  • 2012-11.all is forgiven

  • 2012-03.dont say you know

  • 2011-12.then

  • 2011-05.songs for a friend i left behind

  • 2011-02.one last look at the sea

  • 2011-01.tribes at the temple of silence

  • 2010-07.the art of dying alone

  • 2009-09.we were the sun

  • earth house hold.daybreak basements and broken hearts

  • earth house hold.never forget us - it is in the title track

  • earth house hold.wishing and withering

  • east of oceans.symbol 6 ep

  • east of oceans.the lost album

  • east of oceans.broken seas ep

  • east of oceans.121 years


  • 2020-09.wrath and apathy

  • 2019-02.explosions in slow motion

  • 2017-09.heartless

  • 2015-12.white clouds drift on and on

  • 2015-12.home

  • 2015-11.safety in a number

  • 2012-03.serenity

  • 2011-09.i remember.translations of mørketid

  • earth house hold.when love lived


  • 2020-12.101 rooms
  • 2020-06.burn back time
  • 2018-11.nights of nine vigils
  • 2018-03.a different definition of love
  • 2017-04.epilogues for the end of the sky
  • 2016-09.yours are stories of sadness
  • 2014-12.tanto
  • 2013-01.a careful ecstasy

some favorite tracks

i like a slowly developing, long duration, meditative style of tracks that feel like floating or falling.

  • fall - i listen to this a thousand times
  • the first day
  • so far from home, for jr
  • will you know where to find me
  • heart of darkness
  • i knew the first time
  • pure of heart
  • live to see the day
  • can t go home without you ("when you come home")
  • when we saved the world
  • crushed under the wait ("feels like... the first time", the line also appears in "earth house hold - never forget us")
  • east of oceans.6.2
  • earth house hold.never forget us