music recommendations

music i recommended is not from a pop/rock music collection. it is more about general rhythm, texture and synthesizers and less guitar and singing. ~10000 albums in the collection, and it took decades to find the things i like, yet frequently it already existed for decades when i discover it. i know how subjective interests are and how everyone has a list of favorites tailored to them, nonetheless i hope someones tastes overlap enough that this list can be of use to find unusual music and make better buying decisions.

difficulties with finding music:

  • overwhelmingly large number of existing material
  • hard to judge beforehand without listening to it thoroughly in high quality in the right mood. buying is a lottery
  • very expensive. 10000 albums at $10 take $100000. this is without calculating in the time cost required for searching; pop music fans will always have the edge
  • experimental music labels limit copies to small numbers, making unusual music even rarer
  • compact discs need physical space and need to be shipped
  • streaming is fully dependent on ongoing payments and content can and is removed at a whim. latency and network issues always occur. sound quality of drm-laden streaming is sub-par even from hd offers. only a small part of the worlds music is available


music listing 1

music listing 2

music listing 3

music listing 4

  • 1 top 10%, standout experiences
  • 2 repeatedly listenable
  • 3 with potential and unevaluated or limited listenability

there are always entries that have an unfitting rating

album of the year

example sources for where to get music in 2019

  • wav files on bandcamp.com (wav is sometimes 32 bit float and can sound better than the 16 bit integer-only flac, for example "猫 シ corp. - palm mall")
  • flac/wav files on 7digital
  • cds on ebay
  • cds on discogs.com marketplate
  • streaming on tidal. note that spotify has far less than cd quality to this date. all hd streaming services i tried didnt sound that good and instead unstable through the drm and browser

ways to find new artists

  • if you have a bandcamp collection: following -> fans to follow
  • bandcamp tags, highlights most buyed albums
  • bandcamp recommendations-link on the right of some artist pages
  • discogs recommendations on detail pages

some music labels

darknet, ruby-dance, polegroup, soleilmoon, rune-grammofon, linn, line, schematic, hymen, raster-noton, ant-zen, mille-plateaux, clinical-archives, fax +49-69/450464