how to use the scgi server interface with guile


  • nginx, apache and lighttpd support scgi and i have tested it with all

like fastcgi, scgi is a protocol that connects web servers with other applications. compared to fastcgi its full specification is far simpler and it is easier to implement. compared to cgi, where each request runs application code from the beginning again, scgi allows for an application to initialize once and keep running, saving overhead

scgi works with a server in your application that processes scgi requests from the web server and sends scgi responses.

  • (sph scgi)
  • (sph scgi) can use the thread-pool based (sph server) or the guile-fibers based (sph server fibers)

guiles (web server) seems http-centric and not suitable to build an scgi server.

  • different types of sockets