• greasemonkey custom javascript to be executed on websites
  • jsonview displays a formatted, collapsible, still searchable json tree if the http content-type of the current location is application/json
  • phrase-highlighter highlights custom phrases in custom colors. good for browsing classifieds or other listings. you could highlight the words you are looking for in green, things you would rather avoid in orange, and things that you absolutely do not want in red. you immediately see what you found because of the colors
  • save-image-in-folder doubleclick on an image to save it
  • scrapbook select text and save notes. saves sites go in separately timestamped directories
  • stylish custom stylesheets that can be enabled and disabled throuh a button and menu
  • ublock-origin removes ads
  • url-lister show all open tab urls an a box where they can be selected and copied from

custom keyword searches

to use the main address bar for custom searches on any site using a prefixed keyword, right-click on search boxes on websites and choose "add a keyword for this search...". the in the dialog under "Keyword" enter a character combination you seem fitting for use as a prefix for the search and close the dialog. now you can use the character combination as a prefix in the address bar, and everything following it is interpreted like it were written in the search box and pressing enter loads the results. you do not have to be on the source site for this to work. for example, right click the search box on wikipedia, choose "w" as the keyword and now anytime you type "w something" in the address bar and press enter it takes you to the search results for "something" on wikipedia