music album ratings 3

ok albums, sometimes listenable, only in small parts good, not discovered or not recommended




a guide for reason.xiii.xiv.2015

alio die.imaginal symmetry.2016

altelia.planet altelia.2016

anthony child.electronic recordings from maui jungle vol.2.2016


1200 micrograms.1200 mic s.2013

aaron spectre.lost tracks

access to arasaka.2013.ecrasez l infame


alphawezen.l apr s.midi d un microphone

anders ilar.2006.everdom

arpanet.2006.inertial frame


auditive escape.columna.2013

auditive escape.peripeteia.2013

blade 2.ost.2002

blue states.the soundings

boards of canada.1996.boc maxima

boards of canada.1996.hi scores

boards of canada.1996.old tunes 2

boards of canada.1998.aquarius

boards of canada.1998.music has the right to children

boards of canada.2000.in a beautiful place out in the country

boards of canada.2006.trans canada highway

boards of canada.2013.tomorrows harvest

byetone.2008.death of a typographer

carbon based lifeforms.2003.hydrophonic garden

carbon based lifeforms.alt 01.2016

carbon based lifeforms.interloper.2015 remastered.2010 web flac

carbon based lifeforms.world of sleepers

chris clark.2009.growls garden

christian kleine.beyond repair.cco towerblock 004.2001.beyond repair

christian kleine.valis 2002 192k

console.rocket in the pocket

converter.exit ritual - rhythmic noise

crystal method.2001.tweekend

culture beat

dev null.2007.lazer trash

dieselboy.2006.the human resource.cd1

dieselboy.2006.the human resource.cd2

din-st.yamu d -din

dream injection.va.1997.dream injection vol 5

dream injection.va.1998.dream injection vol 6

duran duran duran.blow job breaks

eiffel 65

forcept 1.aka richard hawtin.fr01.akufen s concept 1 reinterpretations volume 1

gescom-gescom e.p

gescom-keynell autechre mixes- wap88 -web-1996-mpx

ghost rider.complextro.2013

gigi d agostino.l amour toujours



hospitality 2015.2015.flac

in strict confidence.2007.exile paradise hecq destruxxion

in strict confidence.holy.cd1

in strict confidence.holy.cd2

infected mushroom.return to the sauce.2017

jacky o.psiconautica vol.1.2014

jan jelinek.loop-finding-jazz-records

jan jelinek.music for fragments music and birds.2012

jeff mills.proxima centauri

jimmy edgar+richard devine.2008.detroit underground

kit clayton.nek sanalet

lame immortelle.l ame immortelle.disharmony.live

last step.2007.last step

lee gamble.diversions 1994.1996

loco dice.2006.seeing through shadows

loscil.monument builders.2016

ltj bukem.1997.earth 2

ltj bukem.1997.earth 3

massive attack

miles tilmann.2003.3d concepts


nightmare on wax

oneohtrix point never-returnal.emego104.web-2010-def


panzer ag.this is my battlefield.2004


pappenheimer.time travel.cd.flac.2015.voldies

parasite eve 1.parasite eve ost disc 1

parasite eve 1.parasite eve ost disc 2

parasite eve ii ost.disc 1

parasite eve ii ost.disc 2

phoenecia+various artists.odd jobs

phylum sinter.other

phylum sinter.colony collapse reorder.2014.web

plaid.2001.double figure

puremusic.serenades of the night.2016

rapoon.1997.easterly 6 or 7 - meditative, tribal, beats

roel funcken and various artists.mercury retrograde remixes part one

roel funcken.mercury retrograde

rregula.the barramundi experiment.climatecd001.2.2012.spl

sasha.involver special edition.cd 1

sasha.involver special edition.cd 2

sasha.late night tales presents sasha scene delete.2016

scann-tec.unyt.2016.24-44 1


susumu yokota.1994.acid mt fuji

susumu yokota.2002.sound of sky

susumu yokota-over head.play005cd.cd-flac-2003-dl

synapscape.act pti

telefon tel aviv.2009.immolate yourself

telefon tel aviv.2009.you are the worst thing in the world remixes

the horrorist.one night in nyc wav by szk

the sect.2011.fractured state

tomcraft.loneliness remixes.promo vinyl.2003.xxl

tomostugu nakamura.slow weather 2013

torul.difficult to kill.2015 - synthesizer sound


ulrich schnauss.2003.remixes+collaborations

umbra et imago

underworld.a hundred days off


va.unknown landscapes 3

va.ambient lounge 14.limited edition.2012.cd1

va.ambient lounge 14.limited edition.2012.cd2

various artists.minmax.2013

venetian snares.thank you for your consideration - breakbeat and good snares

venetian snares.affectionate

why.elephant eyelash

wipeout pulse

wisp.2005.nrthndr - uplifting, beats, fantasy


wumpscut.2001wreath of barbs

xenonics k.30.automated

xenonics k.30.bonus web.exclusive downloads



achim wollscheid.shifts


atrium carceri.2012.reliquiae - dark ambient, atmosphere, visual

biosphere.the hilvarenbeek recordings.2016

black dog.the black dog.music for real airports

blixa bargeldalva.noto.2007.at recombinant media labs

bvdub.lost ambient.2015

caretaker.an empty bliss beyond this world

carsten nicolai.2002 autopilot

chris watson.el tren fantasma signal mans mix - nature recordings

dahlia s tear

dahlia s tear my rotten spirit of black 2007 metalarea.org by madmax

dahlia s tear.dahlias tear-under seven skies-2008-fnt

ditterich von euler-donnersperg

flowmotion visual pleasure vol.1.0.cd 1

flowmotion visual pleasure vol.1.0.cd 2

flowmotion volume 2.0.2003 2cd elektrolux

funki porcini.conservative apocalypse.2016


pbk+vidna obmana-depression and ideal

pete namlook.tetsu inoue.shades of orion

pete namlook.tetsu inoue.shades of orion 2

pete namlook.tetsu inoue.shades of orion 3


robert rich.what we left behind.2016

schnitzler thomasius.tolling toggle.germany.1991.tolling toggle

steinbrüchel.steinbru chel.2002.circa


terre thaemlitz.tranquilizer

tod dockstaeder.tod dockstader.1992.quatermass

tod dockstaeder.1993.apocalypse

carl stone.electronic music from the seventies and eighties.2016


noise workshop.the best of noise workshop.2016


david lynch.bad the john boy.2013

desormais.dead letters to lost friends


silmi.mind in soul.2016

silmi.myriad ep.2016



wolf eyes.lower demos.2013


animal hospital.good or plenty streets + avenues

behold the arctopus.horrorscension - technically advanced metal


blink 182.1994.cheshire cat

blink 182.1996.cheshire cat.japanese edition

blink 182.1996.wasting time

blink 182.1997.dammit.growing up

blink 182.1997.dick lips

blink 182.1997.dude ranch

blink 182.1998.buddha

blink 182.1998.josie

blink 182.1998.josie.everything s gonna be fine.australian

blink 182.1999.enema of the state.australian tour edition.cd-1

blink 182.1999.enema of the state.australian tour edition.cd-2

blink 182.1999.what s my age again.australian

blink 182.1999.whats my age again.cd1.data.xtras

blink 182.1999.whats my age again.cd2.data.xtras

blink 182.2000.all the small things.cd1

blink 182.2000.dumpweed.live.promo

blink 182.2000.the mark tom and travis show

blink 182.2001.all the small things.cd2.media.xtras

blink 182.2001.i won t be home for christmas

blink 182.2001.maximum blink 182

blink 182.2001.take off your pants and jacket.green version

blink 182.2001.take off your pants and jacket.red version

blink 182.2001.take off your pants and jacket.yellow version

blink 182.2001.the rock show.data.cdplus

blink 182.2001.the rock show.data.pictures

blink 182.2001.the rock show.data.xtras

blink 182.2001.x-posed.the interview

blink 182.2002.stay together for the kids

blink 182.2003.blink-182.australian exclusive tour edition

blink 182.2003.blink-182.data.mov

blink 182.2003.blink-182.data.xtras

blink 182.2003.feeling this

blink 182.2003.feeling this.australian

blink 182.2004.always

blink 182.2004.down

blink 182.2004.down.australian

blink 182.2004.i miss you

blink 182.2005.greatest hits.japanese retail + bonus tracks

blink 182.2005.greatest hits.uk bonus

blink 182.2005.more maximum

blink 182.2011.neighborhoods.deluxe edition.artwork

boehse onkelz.amnestie

boehse onkelz.buch der erinnerung

boehse onkelz.dopamin

boehse onkelz.eins

boehse onkelz.live in dortmund.1

boehse onkelz.live in dortmund.2

boehse onkelz.onkelz wie wir

boehse onkelz.schwarz

boehse onkelz.weiss

captain beefheart.1969.trout mask replica

captain beefheart.1974.bluejeans and moonbeams

captain beefheart+his magic band.lick my decals off baby

captain beefheart.sun zoom spark.1970 to 1972.4cd box set.2014.cd1.lick my decals off baby.1970

captain beefheart.sun zoom spark.1970 to 1972.4cd box set.2014.cd2.the spotlight kid.1972

captain beefheart.sun zoom spark.1970 to 1972.4cd box set.2014.cd3.clear spot.1972

captain beefheart.sun zoom spark.1970 to 1972.4cd box set.2014.cd4.out-takes.2014

captain beefheart.i may be hungry but i sure ain t weird.the alternate captain beefheart


dashboard confessional-a mark a mission a brand a scar.advance.2003-fnt

dashboard confessional.dusk and summer.deluxe edition

dream theater.change of seasons

dream theater.images and words

dream theater.scenes from a memory.1999

dream theater.systematic chaos



linkin park.03.meteora.2003

linkin park.2003.meteora

linkin park.hybrid theory


low.1994.i could live in hope

ordo rosarius equilibrio.ordo rosariou equilibrio.2003.cocktails carnage cruxufixion and pornography.incomplete

ordo rosarius equilibrio spiritual front.2005.satyriasis

ordo rosarius equilibrio.apocalips

ordo rosarius equilibrio.make love and war the wedlock of equilibrium

ordo rosarius equilibrio.make love and war the wedlock of roses

ordo rosarius equilibrio.ordo.equilibrio.rosarius.onani.pratice.makes.perfect.vinyl.2008.fwyh

paradise lost.2001.believe in nothing

pink floyd.meddle.1971.2016 stereo mix.24-96

primus.1991.sailing the seas of cheese

public service broadcasting.the race for space.2015

refused.1998.the shape of punk to come


tocotronic.freiburg 3.0

ulrich schnauss+jonas munk.epic

victor wooten.a show of hands.1996

victor wooten.vital tech tones.1998

yiorgos fakanas.domino

ian hawgood.enfants ruraux.2016

ian hawgood.segue.plateau returns.2015


bobby hutcherson.components.1965.2015 hra 24-192

grant green.goodens corner 24bit

leyden jars.heat death.2016


alois zimmermann


2005 sigur r s.takk cd 1.2005 sigur r s.takk cd 2

black forest black sea.black forest black sea 2003

cocteau twins

koenjihyakkei.hundred sights of koenji

matt uelmen

petra.aikuisten satuja.2016.44.1-24

regina spektor.what we saw from the cheap sea.2012.24-48

subtle.2004.a new white

the black queen.fever daydream.2016

various artists.accuphase.special sound selection.2007.flac 24-88.2.artwork

rory mcfarlane-cyber city odeo 808 the soundtrack.dscd808.cd-flac-1995-bttr

sugai ken.on the quakefish.2016

valerio tricoli.clonic earth.2016


busdriver.cosmic cleavage

curse.innere sicherheit


killa kyleon

tim fischer.baby boy


as if.presence 2017 cd flac



corp.cosmopolitan dreams


aphex twin.cheetah ep.2016.bleep 24-44 1

aphex twin.syro.2014.qobuz 24-44 1


arms and sleepers.miami ep.2016

asc.colours fade.volume three.2016

aurorax-evolutionary voyage-cd-flac-2015-psycz

automatisme-momentform accumulations-cd-flac-2016-faint


2012 jon mcmillion.jon mcmillion lp nuearth kitchen nek01 web

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1991.08.charly.xls 21cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1992.01.everybody in the place.xls.26cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1992.01.everybody in the place.xls.26cd2

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1992.06.charly everybody in the place.elektra 66411-2

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1992.09.fire jericho.elektra 66370-2

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1992.09.fire jericho.xls 30cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1992.10.out of space.elektra 2-66346

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1992.11.out of space.xls 35cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1993.03.wind it up.rewound.xls 39cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1993.04.wind it up.rewound.elektra 66319-2

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1993.10.one love.xls 47cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1994.05.no good.dance pool 662850 2

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1994.05.no good.start the dance.xls 51cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1994.08.voodoo people.xls 54cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1995.02.poison.xls 58cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1995.07.selected mixes for the jilted generation.avex trax avcd-11321

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1995.12.voodoo people.mute 7007-2

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1996.03.firestarter.maverick 9 17387-2

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1996.03.firestarter.xls 70 cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1996.11.breathe.xls 80cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1997.11.smack my bitch up.avcm-65038

290813-the.prodigy.singles.1997.11.smack my bitch up.xls 90 cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2002.07.baby s got a temper.maverik 9 42456-2

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2002.07.baby s got a temper.xls 145cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2004.06.girls.memphis bells.xls193cdp


290813-the.prodigy.singles.2004.11.hot ride.maverick pro-cdr-101411



290813-the.prodigy.singles.2005.10.voodoo people.out of space.promo

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2005.10.voodoo people.out of space.smack my bitch up.promo-cdr from xlt 219 dj+xlt 219 dj2

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2005.10.voodoo people.out of space.xls 219 cda

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2005.10.voodoo people.out of space.xls 219cd

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2005.10.voodoo people.out of space.xls 219cde

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2008.11.invaders must die.radio edit.hospcds01-cdr


290813-the.prodigy.singles.2009.02.lost beats.hospbox001cd


290813-the.prodigy.singles.2009.02.omen.soyuz hospdls02

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2009.02.omen.victor vicp-35109

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2009.05.warrior s dance.hospcds04

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2009.05.warrior s dance.victor vicp 35110

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2009.08.take me to the hospital.hospcds05

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2009.08.take me to the hospital.hospcds05pxx

290813-the.prodigy.singles.2009.11.invaders must die.hospcds06

acidwolf.2005.acidwolf legacy 1995.2005

agent kritsek.universe

alias-pitch black prism-cd-flac-2014-perfect

alix perez.chroma chords.shacd007.2013.spl

anders ilar.nightwidth nrtcd2

anders ilar.wavefunction formula.2010

anders ilar.unknown



autechre.ae live.2015 - electronica, new forms in synthesizer music

bigwigs-fraktalik fraterniti


bong.ra.bong ra and enduser.the kill.cdm.2007

bong.ra.bong ra.colony of electric machines

bong.ra.bong ra.conquering lion

bong.ra.bong ra.darkbreaks

bong.ra.bong ra.darkbreaks volume 1

bong.ra.bong ra.full metal racket

bong.ra.bong ra.new millennium dreadz

bong.ra.bong ra.praying mantis

bong.ra.bong ra.riddim wars

bong.ra.bong ra.sick sick sick.adn75.vinyl.2007.1real


bong.ra.bong-ra.1998.new millenium dreadz

bong.ra.bong-ra.2003.bikini bandits kill kill kill

bong.ra.bong-ra.2003.breakcore a go-go


bong.ra.bong-ra.2004.conquering lion

bong.ra.bong-ra.2004.praying mantis


bong.ra.bong-ra.2005.colony of electric machines

bong.ra.bong-ra.2005.i am the god of hellfire

bong.ra.bong-ra.2005.warrior sound

bong.ra.bong-ra.2006.soldaat van oranje

bong.ra.bong-ra.2006.stereohype heroin hooker.ad noiseam


boxcutter.arecibo message 2009


chris clark.2008.turning dragon


corp.2014.corp.ocean beach

corp.2014.donovan hikaru.corporate mixtape


corp.2016.sunday television

corp.good morning america

corp.oasys +hi-fi


dominik eulberg.flora+fauna

eric truffaz+murcof.mexico

frank bretschneider-super.trigger.2013-bcc

goldfrapp.2003-black cherry - vocals


goldfrapp.2008-seventh tree

goldfrapp.2010-head first

goldfrapp.2002.black cherry

jeff mills


junior senior.say hello wave goodbye.special japanese edition.2009.ctcm.65104

lcd soundsystem.sound of silver advance.2007

leopards of mass destruction

marc houle.sinister mind items things flac-2017

mum.sing along to songs you dont know - icelandic folk music inspired, with vocals and uncommon drum rhythms

ochre.a midsummer nice dream

ochre.like dust of the balance

pole.steingarten remixes


richard devine.risp - maximalist electronica

skylar spence.prom king.2015

solar fields.origin 02

the knife.silent shout

the orb-c batter c-cd-flac-2011-nbflac

the orb-history of the future part 2-deluxe edition-3cd-flac-2015-nbflac

va.2013 the best in minimal update 9.0.zyx music zyx 82696-2.cd1

va.2013 the best in minimal update 9.0.zyx music zyx 82696-2.cd2

va.2013 the best in minimal update 9.0.zyx music zyx 82696-2.cd3

va.sensation 2013 into the wild.2013.jlm

va.spirit of electro swing-4-2012-bockscar

va.techno top spring 2017.r1622.web-2017-ihr

va.terry farley presents acid rain definitive original acid+deep house.2013.cd1

va.terry farley presents acid rain definitive original acid+deep house.2013.cd2

va.terry farley presents acid rain definitive original acid+deep house.2013.cd3

va.terry farley presents acid rain definitive original acid+deep house.2013.cd4

va.terry farley presents acid rain definitive original acid+deep house.2013.cd5

va.the oh addicted 2 bass megamix 5-cd.2007-hbfd

william orbit.my oracle lives uptown.kd004.promo.cd.flac.2009.dl.william orbit-my oracle lives uptown.kd004.promo-cd-flac-2009-dl


ben lukas boysen.golden times i.2017.flac

bonobo.days to come 2006.cd 1

bonobo.days to come 2006.cd 2

brian eno with jon hopkins+leo abrahams.2010.small craft on a milk sea 24 bit flac.artwork


alva noto.2015.xerrox 3

atrium carceri.metropolis

bvdub.a thousand words.2016

marsen jules.shadows in time.2016

marsen jules.sinfonietta.2014


terry riley.1967.you re no good

terry riley.1968.in c

terry riley.1975.la secret de la vie

terry riley.1998-10-23.first set

terry riley.2006.autodreamographical tales

vangelis-china.478 940-2.remastered-cd-flac-2017-wre - synthesizer sound

vangelis-earth.478 940-0.remastered-cd-flac-2017-wre

vangelis-invisible connections.574 064-2.remastered-cd-flac-2017-wre

vangelis-lapocalypse des animaux.478 940-1.remastered-cd-flac-2017-wre


chihei hatakeyama.above the desert.2016

clarke hartnoll.2square.2016

damjan mravunac.the talos principle.2014.24-44.1


erase me.exolife traum schallplatten flac-2017

erasmus talbot.elite.dangerous original soundtrack.2015.24-44.1.cd1.exploration

erasmus talbot.elite.dangerous original soundtrack.2015.24-44.1.cd2.frameshift+starports

erasmus talbot.elite.dangerous original soundtrack.2015.24-44.1.cd3.combat+extras

erasmus talbot.elite.dangerous original soundtrack.2015.24-44.1.covers+booklet

four tet.there is love in you.remixes.2017

four tet.two thousand and seventeen.2017.flac

harry bertoia.clear sounds perfetta.2016.covers

kangding ray.2017.hyper opal mantis flac

kangding ray.hyper opal mantis.2017

ketev.i know no weekend.2016

marc houle.sinister mind items things flac-2017

monolake-vlsi.ml032.cd-flac-2016-cmc - synthesizer sound



charles fenckler-diving from the void.soma cd112.cd-flac-2016-wre

david lynch.the big dream deluxe edition.2014.cd1

david lynch.the big dream deluxe edition.2014.cd2

david lynch.the big dream deluxe edition.2014.cd3

david lynch.the big dream deluxe edition.2014.cd4

david lynch.the big dream remix.2014

david lynch.va.the music of david lynch.2016

patten.re-edits vol.17.2014

phoenecia.soul oddity.phoenecia.tone capsule

pye corner audio.stasis.2016

richie hawtin-from my mind to yours-2cd-flac-2015-nbflac

the art of noise.in visible silence.2017.deluxe edition.cd1

the art of noise.in visible silence.2017.deluxe edition.cd2


va-tomorrowland amicorum spectaculum-3cd-flac-2017-voldies

valance drakes.stranger sympathy


2013 nine inch nails.hesitation marks.audiophile mastered version.24-48

curve-the way of curve 1990-2004.82876613612.remastered limited edition-2cd-flac-2004-shgz

low.1995.long division

low.1996.transmission ep

low.1997.songs for a dead pilot ep

low.1998.one more reason to forget


low.1999.secret name

low.2001.in the fishtank 7.ep

low.2001.things we lost in the fire

m83.junk.2016.ototoy 24-48



2000 final fantasy ix original soundtrack.disc 1

2000 final fantasy ix original soundtrack.disc 2

2000 final fantasy ix original soundtrack.disc 3

2000 final fantasy ix original soundtrack.disc 4

alexa feser-zwischen den sekunden-de-cd-flac-2017-nbflac

deepchord-dc13 dc14 dc16.arc-cd-03.remastered-cd-flac-2014-dl

mariya takeuchi.1984.variety

portico quartet.portico quartet.2012.b+w sos music 48.24-48

shanti 034.sixis.the last question ep

sibling shadows 2017


dave s true story.unauthorized.2000.24-96.scans.from sacd



cayos+takeshi muto.snowdens

cayos.shell beach


devil doll.1996.dies irae


12teen - Ay Fast - Hi Mommy!

2562.the new today.2014.bleep 24-44.1


alien systm.end of the universe.2016

antigen shift.brotherhood.2014



blaerg.solace vertex ep.2016

blueprint.the definitive moving shadow album.3cd box set.1997.blueprint.the definitive moving shadow album.cd 01

blueprint.the definitive moving shadow album.3cd box set.1997.blueprint.the definitive moving shadow album.cd 02

blueprint.the definitive moving shadow album.3cd box set.1997.blueprint.the definitive moving shadow album.cd 03


eonic.2002.astral light.ep

eonic.2002.ethereal travel.covers

eonic.2003.shadows.2006 issue.covers

eonic.2005.fragile dreams.covers

eonic.2005.nothing is forever.ep.covers

eonic.2010.secret land.covers

four tet.2010.there is love in you

joni void-selfless.cst125.cd-flac-2017-hound

marc moulin.box of.2009.bockscar


optic nerve-children of the universe-cd-flac-1997-dl

paul nagle.the soft room 1980.85 club edition.2013.paul nagle.the soft room 1980- 85 lp

paul nagle.the soft room 1980.85 club edition.2013.paul nagle.tree and leaf.1980-81.cd

rapoon.blue days.2015

shpongle.nothing lasts.but nothing is lost.2005

va.house of distraction

va.urban dance 14.3cd.2015.voldies

venetian snares.my love is a bulldozer.2014

bernd filz.a good stuff.2016

brian eno-the ship-cd-flac-2016-nbflac


bvdub.ill only break your heart.2014

datach i.system.2016

murcof.versailles sessions - morton feldman samples, piano beats


mike dehnert-lichtbedingt.104dsr-mdn-cd2.cd-flac-2014-dl


celldweller-soundtrack for the voices in my head vol.02.2012-forsaken



tornado horr.buddy mini

u-ziq-tango n vectif.cat013cd.cd-flac-1994-dl


faderhead.atoms and emptiness.2014

falling skies.land of the lost.tremor.2015.flac


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urbindex.symmetrics b


aceyalone-leanin on slick.2013-perfect



drexciya.black sea.2015

drexciya.journey of the deep sea dweller iv.2013