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best of the best. albums that i would not want to have missed.

styles: contemporary, avant-garde, electronica, electro-acoustic, idm, noise, experimental and general music




aphex twin.1995.i care because you do

aphex twin.2001.drukqs

aphex twin.2003.26 mixes for cash.disc 1

aphex twin.2003.26 mixes for cash.disc 2

arovane.2000.atol scrap

autechre.1993.incunabula - electronica, new forms in synthesizer music



autechre.1996.tri repetae



autechre.1999.the peel sessions


autechre.2002.gantz graf

autechre.2003.draft 7.30



autechre.2008.quaristice quadrange ep ae


autechre.remixes 1994-2003

boards of canada.1995.twoism

boards of canada.1999.peel session

chris clark.2001.clarence park

chris clark.2003.empty the bones of you

clouddead.boom bip doseone clouddead.the peel sessions


converter asche morgenstern.2001.erode - rhythmic noise

converter.1999.shock front

converter.2000.blast furnance

converter.2003.expansion 1.3




hecq.2005.bad karma



hecq.golden pines

kangding ray.2008.automne fold

loess.2006.wind and water

monolake.1997.hongkong - synthesizer sound




mum.2001.yesterday was dramatic.today is ok - icelandic folk music inspired, with vocals and uncommon drum rhythms

mum.2002.finally we are no one

mum.2002.loksins erum vid engin

namlook - ambient electronica

nobukazu takemura.child+magic

nobukazu takemura.waters suite

o9.church of the ghetto

orbital.1999.middle of nowhere - includes a few vocals from goldfrapp

otto von schirach.2001.8000 bc - wild beats and unusual sounds

otto von schirach.2003.chopped zombie fungus

otto von schirach.2003.el golpe avisa

otto von schirach.2004.global speaker fisting

otto von schirach.2005.va.armpit buffet

otto von schirach.2006.maxipad detention

otto von schirach.2006.pukology

otto von schirach.2007.spine serpents of sperm island

otto von schirach.2008.oozing bass spasms

otto von schirach.2009.bass low bass galactica 8

otto von schirach.2009.magic triangle

otto von schirach.other


phoenecia.nesh rom+josh.rephlex

prodigy.1995.music for the jilted generation.disc-1.avex avcd-11204

prodigy.1995.music for the jilted generation.disc-2.avex avcd-11204

prodigy.1997.fat of the land.avex avcm-65020

push button objects.2000.dirty dozen - beats

rapoon.1993.raising earthly spirits - meditative, tribal, beats

rapoon.1994.fallen gods

rapoon.1996.darker by light

rapoon.1996.errant angels

rapoon.1996.recurring dream circle

rapoon.2007.time frost

rapoon.2009.dark rivers


richard devine.2001.aleamapper - maximalist electronica

richard devine.2003.asect dsect

richard devine.2005.cautella

ryoji ikeda.1995.1000 fragments - minimalist electronica

ryoji ikeda.1996.plus slash minus

ryoji ikeda.1998.0 c

ryoji ikeda.1998.time and space

ryoji ikeda.1999.mort aux vaches

ryoji ikeda.2001.matrix

ryoji ikeda.2002.formula

ryoji ikeda.2002.opus

ryoji ikeda.2005.dataplex

ryoji ikeda.2008.test pattern

squarepusher.1997.hard normal daddy

squarepusher.2001.go plastic


susumu yokota.2000.sakura

susumu yokota.2001.grinning cat

susumu yokota.2002.boy+tree

susumu yokota.2004.symbol

susumu yokota.2005.rothko.distant sounds of summer

susumu yokota.2007.skintone collection

telefon tel aviv.2004.map of what is effortless

telefon tel aviv.2004.rarities+side-remixes

thomas brinkmann.1998.plastikman.concept 1 vr

thomas brinkmann.2000.rosa

thomas brinkmann.a 1000 keys

thomas brinkmann.what you hear.is what you hear

ulrich schnauss.2003.strangely isolated place

va.darknet.va.darknet best of 2013 - dark hard hitting techno

va.ruby trance 10 - uplifting trance, vocal trance

va.ruby trance 13

va.ruby trance 14

va.ruby trance 9

va.ruby trance.va.ruby trance vol 11.rt11.2015

va.ruby trance.va.ruby trance vol 12.rt12.2015

va.2005.mutant sniper.invasion from xxx dimension - breakbeat compilation

va.weirding modules.2013 - psy trance

venetian snares.2001 09.doll doll doll - breakbeat and good snares

venetian snares.2001.7 sevens med

venetian snares.2001.songs about my cats

venetian snares.2002 05.higgins ultra low track glue funk hits 1972.2006

venetian snares.2002 10.winter in the belly of a snake

venetian snares.2002.breakbeat malaria clearance bin

venetian snares.2003 02.find candace

venetian snares.2003 10.chocolate wheelchair

venetian snares.2003.einstein.rosen bridge

venetian snares.2004 04.horse and goat

venetian snares.2004 06.huge chrome cylinder box unfolding

venetian snares.2004 11.infolepsy

venetian snares.2005 03.winnipeg is a frozen shithole

venetian snares.2005 08.meathole

venetian snares.2006 06.cavalcade of glee and dadaist happy hardcore

venetian snares.2006 09.hospitality

venetian snares.2007 03.pink+green

venetian snares.2008.miss balaton

venetian snares.2009.horsey noises

venetian snares.2010.my so called life

vladislav delay.1997.kind of blue - in a way like minimal techno but with organic, off beats

vladislav delay.2000.entain

vladislav delay.2000.multila

wisp.2006.building dragons - uplifting, beats, fantasy

wisp.2009.the shimmering hour

xanopticon.2003.liminal space - quasi random, beats

xanopticon.2007.the silver key



2350 broadway.pete namlook+tetsu inoue.2350 broadway 1

achim wollscheid.1992.ambivalenz-askese

achim wollscheid.2003.60 x x

achim wollscheid.der gefasste raum

achim wollscheid.airs

akira rabelais.spellewauerynsherde

alvin curran.songs and views of the magnetic garden

apoptose.2007.schattenmädchen - dark ambient, atmosphere, visual

asmus tietchens.1994.die nacht aus blei - minimalist patterns, meditative

asmus tietchens.1999.phosphor

asmus tietchens.1999.von mund zu mund 1

asmus tietchens.2000.von mund zu mund 2

asmus tietchens.2000.von mund zu mund 3

asmus tietchens.2005.epsilon-menge

asmus tietchens.2009.flächen mit figuren

asmus tietchens.e-menge

atrium carceri.2004.seishinbyouin - dark ambient, atmosphere, visual

aube.1992.drip water

aube.1997.new forms of free entertainment.lasse marhaug

aube.1998.msbr.koji marutani.3 cadavres exquis

aube.2000.set on

aube.2005.reworks stefano gentile - meditative, highlight - must listen

aube.blood brain barrier



biosphere.1996.hia.polar sequences.hia.polar sequences


biosphere.1998.deathprod.electric nordheim transformed

biosphere.2001.substrata 2 - highlight


biosphere.2004.autour de la lune

biosphere.2014.patashnik 2

caretaker.2008.persistent repetition of phrases

cluster.1972.cluster ii

cluster.1980.cluster 71

column one.flusstruhe

deaf center.2005.pale ravine

desiderii marginis.2007.the ever green tree



dopplereffekt.2003.linear accelerator

dopplereffekt.2007.calabi yau space

fires of ork.the fires of ork 2

francois bayle.composees - synthesizer, musique concrete

hafler trio.1984.bang.an open letter

hafler trio.1985.soundtrack to alternation perception and resistance.a comprehension exercise

hafler trio.1987.a thirsty fish

hafler trio.1987.dislocation

hafler trio.1988.intoutuf

hafler trio.1989.ignotum per ignotius

hafler trio.1991.masturbatorium

hafler trio.1994.walk gently through the gates of joy

hafler trio.1996.timerape

hafler trio.1997.who sees goes on

hafler trio.1998.avec le vide les pleins pouvoirs

hafler trio.1998.dream adjustments

hafler trio.2003.a small child dreams of voiding the plague

hafler trio.2004.where are you

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1984.lottogluck unt - dadaism

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1984.puppe oder girl

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1984.runter da zimtsterne und baghwan jünger

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1984.versuchung des metzgers

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1985.mieses gegonge.abwassermusik

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1986.live in husum

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1987.im schatten der möhre - highlight

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1987.melchior aufmarsch der schlampen

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1988.ach dieser bart

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1988.bitte werfen sie ihren müll aus dem fenster

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1988.the book of dingenskirchen

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1992.musik für schuhgeschäfte

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.1993.willkür nach noten

hirsche nicht aufs sofa.fire barrels tape

irr app ext.2004.ozeanische gefühle

irr app ext.2009.kreiselwelle

irr app ext.nurse with wound.angry eelectric finger 3

kammarheit.2005.starwheel - dark night ambient

luc ferrari.1995-2000.cycle des souvenirs

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.1

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.10

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.2

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.3

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.4

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.5

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.6

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.7

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.8

luc ferrari.2009.loeuvre electronique.9

luc ferrari.didascalies

luc ferrari.interrupteur tautologos 3

lustmord.2000.purifying fire - deep dark ambient

lustmord.carbon core


marsen jules.2005.herbstlaub

marsen jules.yara remastered

murcof.2002.martes - morton feldman samples, piano beats



northaunt.2006.horizons - dark night ambient

northaunt.the ominous silence

nurse with wound.1989.a sucked orange - surreal, dadaism

nurse with wound.2003.crocodile krazy glue

nurse with wound.2008.bacteria magnet

nurse with wound.2008.funktion of the hairy egg code sramble

nurse with wound.2016.astrophytum

nurse with wound.a sucked orange

nurse with wound.tainted creampuffs.the hostess twinkie mix no.18.hostess twinkie loops

parmegiani bernard.1992.violostries - musique concrete taken seriously

parmegiani bernard.chronos

parmegiani bernard.disc 01

parmegiani bernard.disc 02

parmegiani bernard.disc 03

parmegiani bernard.disc 04

parmegiani bernard.disc 05 de natura sonorum

parmegiani bernard.disc 06

parmegiani bernard.disc 07

parmegiani bernard.disc 08

parmegiani bernard.disc 09

parmegiani bernard.disc 10

parmegiani bernard.disc 11

parmegiani bernard.disc 12

parmegiani bernard.la creation du monde

pauline oliveros.1959-1966.four electronic pieces

pauline oliveros.1998.electronic works


randy greif.1986.golden joy club.golden joy club mc - surreal, visual

randy greif.1987.bacteria and gravity

randy greif.1988.the shadow traders mc

randy greif.1991-1993.alice in wonderland.1991.alice in wonderland 2

randy greif.1991-1993.alice in wonderland.1991.alice in wonderland 3

randy greif.1991-1993.alice in wonderland.1992.alice in wonderland 4

randy greif.1991-1993.alice in wonderland.1993.alice in wonderland 5

randy greif.1994.dan burke.fragment 56

randy greif.1994.the barnacles inside

robert hampson.2007.maps.remix

robert henke.1997.floating point - monolake

robert henke.2008.atom document

robert henke.2009.indigo transform

robert rich.1989.rainforest

robert rich.2001.bestiary

shapeshifter - little known, cybernetic, dsp sound textures, no beat, reminiscent of richard devine

steve roach.vir unis.2001.blood machine

stockhausen karlheinz.1952-1956.1994.david tudor.klavierstücke

stockhausen karlheinz.1952-1960.1991.elektronische musik

stockhausen karlheinz.1953.studie 2

stockhausen karlheinz.1966.telemusik

stockhausen karlheinz.1967.prozession

stockhausen karlheinz.1968.1984.aus den sieben tagen

stockhausen karlheinz.1968.singcircle.stimmung

stockhausen karlheinz.1968.spiral

stockhausen karlheinz.1975.zodiac

stockhausen karlheinz.1979-1984.klavierstücke 12-14

stockhausen karlheinz.1979.unsichtbare chöre

stockhausen karlheinz.1991-1994.freitag aus licht.freitag aus licht with commentary.cd1

stockhausen karlheinz.1991-1994.freitag aus licht.freitag aus licht with commentary.cd2

stockhausen karlheinz.1991-1994.freitag aus licht.freitag aus licht with commentary.cd3

stockhausen karlheinz.sirius

tetsu inoue.world receiver

thomas köner.1990.nunatak gongamur

thomas köner.1995.aubrite

thomas köner.2003.unerforschtes gebiet

thomas köner.2003.zyklop

thomas köner.2010.nunatak teimo permafrost

thomas köner.2010.thomas koner.la barca.special vinyl editon

thomas köner.daikan

thomas köner.la barca

thomas köner.nuuk.driftworks 1

throbbing gristle.1993.journey through a body

tim hecker.2001.haunt me haunt me do it again

tim hecker.2007.radio amor

tod dockstader.from the archives

va.night passage demixed

vangelis.bladerunner ost esper edition.part 1 - synthesizer sound

vangelis.bladerunner ost esper edition.part 2

vangelis.opera sauvage.remaster 2017

zoviet france.1995.digilogue - meditative

zoviet france.jim o rourke+the halfer trio.unentitled


emil beaulieau.1997.has a relapse

kazumoto endo.2000.never gonna make you cry

kazumoto endo.2003.brick and mortar

kenji siratori.nova sak collaborations - spoken word, rain, dystopian

killer bug.2005.beyond the valley of the tapes

kk null.2005.kk null+zev.number one

kk null and john wiese.mondo paradoxa

kk null.0 dot 0004

kk null.fertile

masonna.1996.inner mind mystique

masonna.1997.rudolf eb er+dave phillips.arschloch-onna

masonna.1998.frequency lsd



merzbow.electric salad

merzbow.merzbox 13.material action 2 n.a.m

merzbow.merzbox 45.red magnesia pink

merzbow.pgr+merzbow+asmus tietchens.grav - highlight



corp.2014.palm mall

deaths dynamic shroud.classroom sexxtape - vaporwave, final fantasy

deaths dynamic shroud.ill try living like this

deaths dynamic shroud.regret

goldfrapp.2000.felt mountain - vocals

va.1988.neue deutsche post avantgarde

va.2000.maschinelle stratageme

va.4 sides a circle.part 1

va.4 sides a circle.part 2

va.4 sides a circle.part 3

va.4 sides a circle.part 4

va.ischemic folks


65daysofstatic.2005.one time for all time

behold the arctopus.2006.nano nucleonic cyborg summoning - technically advanced metal

behold the arctopus.2007.skullgrid

behold the arctopus.2016.cognitive emancipation

blink 182.2001.take off your pants and jacket

panda bear.2007.person pitch

red sparowes.2006.oh god lord of vengeance show yourself - post-rock, avoids standard guitar chords





bill evans trio.waltz for debby.1961 reissue 2002

ground zero.1997.plays standards

ground zero.ground zero

miles davis.1967.miles smiles.1998

miles davis.1967.neferititi

miles davis.on the corner

oscar peterson trio and clark terry.oscar peterson trio plus one clark terry

ost.bernard herrmann.taxidriver

otomo yoshihide new jazz ensemble.2005.out to lunch

otomo yoshihide s new jazz ensemble.2002.dreams

otomo yoshihide s new jazz quintet.2003.tails out

sonny rollins.1962.the bridge

sonny rollins.saxophone colossus.1956

kk null.john wiese.mondo paradoxa

kk null.john wiese.mondo paradoxa


arvo pärt.pärt.da pacem domine.estonian phcc hillier

steve reich.1976.music for 18 musicians

steve reich.eight lines.city life




alog.duck rabbit

black dice.2002.beaches+canyons

bohren+der club of gore.2000.sunset mission - city, night-time, slow jazz, in a way similar to taxi driver ost

charly antolini.2007.power drummer

chris watson.2000.stepping into the dark - nature recordings

chris watson.2002.night time is the right time bbc radio 4

chris watson.2003.weather report

chris watson.2005.bj nilsen.storm

chris watson.2006.jana winderen.holystone

chris watson.clima verde

chris watson.outside the circle of fire

geinoh yamashirogumi.1976.chi no hibiki higashi yuroppu wo utau

geinoh yamashirogumi.1976.osorezan doh no kembai

geinoh yamashirogumi.1977.yamato gensho

geinoh yamashirogumi.1979.shonentachi e no chikyusanka

geinoh yamashirogumi.1981.selections from folk music on silkroad

geinoh yamashirogumi.1982.the african vision singing

geinoh yamashirogumi.1986.ecophony rinne

geinoh yamashirogumi.1990.ecophony gaia

geinoh yamashirogumi.1990.symphonic suite akira

glen velez.1989.assyrian rose - frame drum, solo instrumentalist, beats

glen velez.1996.rhythmcolor exotica

glen velez.internal combustion

glen velez.other

glen velez.ramana

glen velez.rhythms of awakening

glen velez.rhythms of the chakras

glen velez.rhythms of the chakras 2

jacob kirkegaard.2005.eldfjall

jacob kirkegaard.4 rooms

kazuya matsumoto.2015.mizu no katachi

kiyoshi mizutani.2002.yokosawa.iri - field recordings

kiyoshi mizutani.2005.scenery of the border environment and folklore of the tanzawa mountains disc 1

kiyoshi mizutani.daniel menche.continue

kuniko kato.2011.kuniko plays reich.covers - percussion

kuniko kato.xenakis ix

negativland.dispepsi.1997 - collage, spoken word

negativland.it s all in your head fm


sole.selling live water

steve reich.1989.different trains electric counterpoint kronos quartet+pat metheny

tortoise.2004.it s all around you



va.1988.zerstuckelte denkkurbeln


xenakis iannis.1977.la le gende d eer


jacques loussier trio.erik satie.gymnopedies.gnossienness

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