nginx example configuration files for use with sph-web-app and scgi

minimal full configuration

for more information see the official nginx documentation


worker_processes 1;

events {
  worker_connections 1024;

http {
  include mime.types;
  server {
    server_name project-name.localhost;
    listen [::1]:80;
    root /srv/http/project-name/root;
    location /assets/ {
    location / {
      default_type text/html;
      include params/scgi;
      scgi_pass unix:/tmp/1000/project-name;


scgi_param SCGI 1;
scgi_pass_request_headers off;
scgi_param request_method $request_method;
scgi_param remote_addr $remote_addr;
scgi_param http_cookie $http_cookie;
scgi_param user_agent $http_user_agent;
scgi_param if_modified_since $http_if_modified_since;
scgi_param content_type $http_content_type;
scgi_param request_uri $request_uri;
scgi_param https $https;

events, worker_processes: nginx fails to start if these options are not set

mime.types: for serving assets with the right content-type depending on filename extension. you can create and include a custom file with fewer mime types for optimisation

listen: depends on what the hostname resolves to: if it is instead of the ipv6 address ::1, then use instead. *:80 did not work for me

root: "/srv/http/project-name/root;" contains the path to the root directory in the web-app project. there can also be a directory /srv/http/project-name where the root directory is symlinked to

location /assets/: this configures nginx to not pass requests with paths that begin with /assets/ to the scgi application

scgi_pass: the 1000 in "unix:/tmp/1000/project-name;" is the user id of the user running the web-app application, adjust it accordingly. "echo $UID"

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