dwm window manager for x

st a simple terminal implementation for x

suckless software with a focus on simplicity, including dwm, dmenu and st among others

git version control system

mpd music player that runs in the background, separating playback functionality from user interfaces

ncmpc user interface for mpd

diff finds line differences between texts

httpie http requests and displaying responses on the command-line

sshfs mount filesystems using ssh

nano text editor. mini emacs

nginx http proxy and web server

flac free lossless audio compression

gr execute a command in multiple git repositories at once

firehol iptables based firewall

ncdu displays disk usage by browsable directory structure sorted by size descending

zenity command-line program to display graphical dialog boxes

mupdf pdf, xps and ebook viewer

xbindkeys execute commands with keypresses

thunar graphical file-manager. supports custom right-click commands, tabs and a bulk file renamer "thunar -B"

qemu machine emulator, virtual machine

xz-utils file compression

duff duplicate file finder

roundcube web based email management

gimp pixel based image manipulation for tasks like photo retouching, image composition, image authoring and more. tasks can be automated with "http://docs.gimp.org/2.8/en/gimp-scripting.html" "scheme"

utimer command-line countdown/stopwatch

cryptsetup setup disk encryption. dm-crypt, luks

autojump cd command that learns and lets you change quickly to known directories with the "j" command

clang-format c source code formatter. can also format preprocessor macros

openssh secure shell remote connections

blender 3d computer graphics editor

suckless.org/rocks a similar list of applications

xdot uses the "dot" utility from graphviz to draw a graph using the dot graph definition language

leafpad minimalistic graphical text editor

dash posix-compliant implementation of /bin/sh that aims to be as small as possible

sqlite an sql database that uses single files with good documentation

units converts quantities expressed in various systems of measurement to their equivalents in other systems of measurement

smplayer media player

darktable photography workflow application and raw developer

replacer replace text in multiple files

dmenu dmenu is a dynamic menu for X. can be used for example to choose a command to be run by typing

rhyme rhyming dictionary

valgrind finds memory leaks

w3m terminal web text browser

f-droid repository for free-software android apps

alsamixer control sound volume

graphicsmagick image processing system

pacman package manager with an efficient interface and usage, with probably the most packages available anywhere. creating packages is easy

systemd system and service manager. does a bit too much perhaps

android-kilosecond-clock widget

npmjs node.js package manager

srm secure file removal

mutt email client

sox sound processing utility

ldm automount unencrypted devices

vlc media player

newsboat feed reader for the terminal

dcron cron implementation

weechat irc client

aurget arch linux related: pacman-like interface to the AUR

librejs a way to let http clients automatically determine the license of included javascript files

graphviz for creating and rendering (directed) graph drawings

sqlighting fork of sqlite that is much faster

json formatting and filtering json on the command-line


emacs customisable text editor and integrated development environment

sakura simple libvte and gtk based terminal emulator. tab support

gnu software

tekuti weblog software with git-based content versioning and tags

guix functional package manager

apache bench http performance testing

tagsistant tagging filesystem

docco documentation system that places source code comments format left of the code

xmodmap utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings

privoxy non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities, for example ad-blocking or blocking of sites

gitstats git history statistics generator

eyeofgnome image viewer

evince document viewer for pdf and similar formats

bastet version of tetris that chooses the worst possible blocks

haproxy tcp load balancer

reddit source code for the link submission and discussion website







symas lightning mdb memory-mapped key-value database

fuse filesystems in userspace

kissfft fast fourier transform library

nanomsg to use several common communication patterns over sockets

libsndfile reading and writing of many different audio formats

klib c library

murmur3 hash function

libtom math

coffeescript / javascript

expressjs web application framework

$script.js asynchronous script loader

d3 for svg based visualisations

underscore utility library

module.js module system for javascript

momentjs date and time

spin.js creates spinning activity indicators dynamically that can be used as resolution-independent replacement for loading gifs

js2coffee online javascript to coffeescript converter


json command-line json formatter and selector

qrcodejs create qrcode images

keypress capturing keyboard input

jrumble jQuery plugin that rumbles, vibrates, shakes, and rotates any element you choose

sigma.js graph drawing

cordova Apache Cordova is a set of device APIs that allow a mobile app developer to access native device function

programming languages and implementations

coffeescript javascript without the clutter and an indent-based syntax. tip: the "coffee" command can be used in place of "node"

puredata visual programming environment for sound processing and device interaction, written and extendable in c. can create custom user interfaces

scheme with guile. guile has a virtual machine, might compile to machine code in the future and has and good c interface for using it as an extension language. its core is also actually language independent and languages can be switched, and so it implements the basic features shared by different languages once

linux distributions

arch linux incrementally updating GNU/linux distribution that installs no graphical desktop manager or extra stuff by default, is well documented and keeps it simple. a minimalistic distribution

antergos based on arch linux, automatic installation of a graphical system, several desktop managers selectable when installing

parabola GNU/linux fsf endorsed variant of arch linux. arch linux can be converted to parabola any time

seems interesting

capnproto data interchange format. think json except binary

cassandra distributed database

cson json alternative

fdm fetch and deliver mail

lambdanative create scheme applications for mobile and embedded targets. for example android

libuv event loop and asynchronous i/o

nethack a single-player video game that can run in a terminal

plover open-source stenography

shus tiny http server for static sites

sshguard blocks ips after repeated ssh-login tries

stb single file libraries. vorbis, truetype font and image decoding

tinyssh small ssh server


the json format

unreal engine the unreal graphics engine for creating 3d real-time renderings and games

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