emacs mode for scheme editing

should also work well for other s-expression based languages, except for highlighted keywords


syntax highlighting and indentation

regular indentation - every indentation step is represented by the same width

highlighting of identifiers in definitions (with different colors for variable, procedure and syntax definitions)

strategic syntax highlighting for only a few keywords per default: (if q l debug-log)

srfi-62 #;() s-exp comment support

subdued color for parentheses

versus scheme-mode (scheme.el)

scheme-mode additionally supports the dsssl-language and multiple additions for specific implementations

lisp/scheme-mode indentation handling takes more than 500 lines, vs ~20 in this implementation using regular indentation

~600 lines to ~200

sph-scheme-mode is much faster

it is perhaps also minimal example code for learning how to write an emacs mode



alternatively see releases

or run "git clone git://git.sph.mn/sph-scheme-mode"



installation from source

move the .el file to a location you seem fitting, the user specific configuration directory like .emacs.d perhaps, or system-wide like /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp

include it in your emacs configuration ($HOME/.emacs) with a line like (load-library \"~/path-to/sph-scheme-mode.elc\")"


if installed by package or in an emacs load-path directory, put the following in your emacs config file

(require (quote sph-scheme-mode))

possible enhancements

even faster indent-region function

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