other media recommendations

feature film, documentary, mini-series

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starship troopers, 1997

mind game, 2004 anime, surreal

samsara, 2011 high quality images of the world and life without narration. contemplative and visually rich

berlin: symphony of a great city, 1927 film from 1927 that is now in the public domain and can be found on the internet for free copy. a direct visual documentary, no narrator or main character. a fast paced series of many different impressions of a day and life in the city of berlin in the 20s. every scene shows something unique

idiocracy, 2006

the lion king, 1994

cremaster five part art installation epic. contemplative, strange. at least the second one should show some of its general qualities. tough to get, as the artist severely limits the distribution

the planets, 1999 explores in depth the planets that make up our solar system. follows the discoveries of the voyager spacecraft

between the folds, 2008 origami documentary

pulp fiction, 1994

taxi driver, 1976

the twelve tasks of asterix, 1976 still holds up

star wars: episode v - the empire strikes back, 1980

enter the void, 2009

hana-bi, 1997 silence and violence

the fifth element, 1997 imaginative variation in props and costumes

baraka, 1992 predecessor of samsara

independence day, 1996

the blair witch project, 1999

howl's moving castle, 2004

donnie darko, 2001

angel's egg, 1985 dark, quiet anime

akira, 1988 the anime

castle in the sky, 1986 anime

spirited away, 2001 anime

day of the wacko, 2002 film about the life of a single older teacher guy, a perspective on life

the meaning of life, 1983 monty python

the great dictator, 1940

kill bill: vol. 1, 2003 continuous brutal katana fighting

ichi the killer, 2001 lighearted and violent

the raid, 2014 contiuous brutal fighting

back to the future, 1985

back to the future part ii, 1989

monty python and the holy grail, 1975

eraserhead, 1977 about fear. the soundtrack works well independently

pafekuto buru, 1997 anime, dramatic, surreal

dude, where's my car?, 2000 comedy

the shining, 1980

a scene at the sea, 1991 japanese, quiet

terminator 2: judgment day, 1991

brazil, 1985

die hard, 1988 action

die hard 2, 1990 action

rocky, 1976

rocky ii, 1979

the silence of the lambs, 1991

jurassic park, 1993 dinosaurs

twelve monkeys, 1995

forrest gump, 1994

the shawshank redemption, 1994

trainspotting, 1996

requiem for a dream, 2000

the ring, 2002

earthlings, 2005 about the the meat industry

batman begins, 2005

jazzclub - der frühe vogel fängt den wurm., 2004

million dollar baby, 2004

adam's apples, 2005

ip man, 2008

the story of india, 2007

the dark knight rises, 2012

edge of tomorrow, 2014

[rec], 2007

louis c.k.: shameless, 2007

louis c.k.: chewed up, 2008

louis c.k.: live at the beacon theater, 2011

louis c.k. oh my god, 2013

tv shows

seinfeld, 1989 no other tv show close to this inventiveness. still perfectly watchable in 2018

planet earth, 2006 someone should make videos to show people of the earth

it's always sunny in philadelphia, 2005 comedy, story. casual explorations of randomness and extremes

the life collection nature documentaries. fantastic imaginery and topics

death note, 2006 anime. suspense, story, drama, detective

curb your enthusiasm, 1999 comedy, story

peep show, 2003-2015 comedy, story. built up a great series by now

monkey dust, 2003 animated satire of british society. comedy, relatively dark

that mitchell and webb situation, 2001 comedy, sketch

that mitchell and webb look, 2006 comedy, sketch

the whitest kids u know, 2007 comedy, sketch, may seem too silly at first

dragon ball, 1986 epic anime series

rick and morty, 2013 visuals, voice acting

life, 2009 animals and their habitats

the ren & stimpy show, 1991 some episodes are quite the artworks imho

futurama, 1999 often underestimated, all seasons

an idiot abroad, 2010 a travel show about someone who tends to not want to be in the places he is sent to

moaning of life, 2013 more of karl pilkington

kitchen nightmares, 2004-2014 gordon ramsay helps struggling restaurants. see also costa del nightmares and masterchef usa

game of thrones i you have the time... can be quite intense. nice hd landscapes

star trek: the next generation, 1987

the genius of photography, 2007 presents various photographers from the beginning of photography to modern times

nathan for you, 2013 he went to a top business school with really good grades. now he helps struggling businesses, well, in his way

malcolm in the middle, 2000

love hina, 2000 anime

to catch a predator, 2004 decoys impersonate underage kids online and accept meetings with adults that want to get together with them. on the date they are surprised by the shows host and eventually police to arrest them

it takes a thief, 2005 people agree to be burglarised by two guys to expose home security flaws

the it crowd, 2006 comedy. first two seasons only

switch: reloaded, 2007 german, comedy, sketch, daily television parody

comedystreet german, comedy, practical joke

stromberg, 2004 german comedy modeled after the office


david lynch - eraserhead, elephant man, blue velvet, mulholland drive

takeshi kitano - hana bi, gonin, zatoichi, dolls, brother

terry giliam - brazil, twelve monkeys

paul verhoeven - robocop, starship troopers

luc besson - fifth element, lucy, valerian and the city of a thousand planets - movies with a lot of creative props and things to see

hayao miyazaki - spirited away, castle in the sky, howls moving castle - anime

makoto shinkai - 5 centimeters per second, your name - impressive drawings, anime


youtube liked videos

conan favorites

sam harris interviews, speeches and talks

joe rogan experience podcast, interviews

video games

final fantasy 7, 8, 4 - role playing game adventure

breath of fire 3 - role playing game adventure

command and conquer red alert 1 and 2 - real-time war strategy game

baldurs gate 2 - role playing game. relatively big world and depth, ambitious art

diablo 2 - arpg. collect experience and many items, level-up and improve a character

portal 1, 2 - use a gun to select where portals go and be a test subject in a vast facility

chivalry - sword, melee and medieval mass fighting simulator

grim fandango - old style adventure, expects you to check almost everything to progress, but the game is still pretty cool and relaxed

wip3out - futuristic racing

silent hill 1, 3, 2 - nice dark atmosphere, interesting riddles

life is strange - story, immersion

super mario series. world 1 and 2, 64

zelda ocarina of time - adventure

sim city 4, 2000, 3000 - build and manage cities

resident evil 2, 3, 1

soma - dark, underwater atmosphere, exploration

tekken 3 - fight game with a particularly systematic move system

insurgency - more realistic war scenario first person shooter. no crosshair, no map

minecraft - unlimited, automatically generated world build from workable blocks of different kinds

audiosurf - race on tracks created from and synced to audio files

unreal tournament 2014, 1 - fast paced and futuristic first person multiplayer shooter

broken sword 1, 2, 5 - point and click adventures

grim dawn - arpg. similar to diablo 2 and titan quest


age of empires - real time war strategy game. collect resources, build bases and develop through the times

tenchu - ninja simulation

grand theft auto 2, san andreas - large world gangster simulator

blast corps

counter strike global offensive

golden eye 007


gran turismo - more realistic driving game

crash bandicoot - jump and run with an unusual style

mario kart


codename eagle

metropolis street racer

star wars shadows of the empire


www.openra.net/ open source re-implementation of the real-time strategy games command and conquer 1 and 2 and dune 2000

wz2100.net/ open source version of the real-time strategy game warzone 2011

see also best linux games 2017


structure and interpretation of computer programs

the scientist and engineers guide to digital signal processing

george h smith.the case against god

richard dawkins.the selfish gene

robert cialdini.influence: science and practice


george carlin, doug stanhope, louis ck, ricky gervais, patrice oneal, bill burr

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