combinatory logic

contrasting and categorization of emotions

elements of the scientific method

evolutionary selection


fundamental interaction

game theory study of strategic decision making

international system of quantities a system based on seven base quantities: length, mass, time, electric current, thermodynamic temperature, amount of substance, and luminous intensity

list of cognitive biases

list of fallacies

lojban a logical language for humans

network effect

path dependence

planck units defined exclusively in terms of five universal physical constants

sentiocentrism the philosophy that sentient individuals are the center of moral concern

standard model of particle physics

timeline of evolutionary history of life

voting system

wikipedia online encyclopedia with content under permissive licenses



base91 encoding

builtwith.com displays information about the software a website uses

f-droid.org free and open source software for android

free software foundation about the ideas behind the free software movement, the appropriate licenses and the software

hyperpolyglot computer language comparison

mozilla developer network web technology documentation

scgi protocol specification application to server interface

specification of the scheme programming language

structure and interpretation of computer programs online book

suckless programs written in c with an emphasis on simplicity

tabs versus spaces

the bipolar lisp programmer

the lisp curse

what is gnu/linux why not Windows, switching to gnu/linux


bandcamp drm free music in flac format

bitgo bitcoin wallet and payment processor

bity buy and sell bitcoins. swiss based

canyon road and mountain bikes

etymotic research high fidelity earphones

jimmyjoy meal replacement beverage (eu-based, international)

lavry engineering electronic audio equipment

soylent meal replacement beverage (usa only)

tarsnap online backup service

tesla motors electric cars


artyfactory art appreciation

blueballfixed.ytmnd.com full-page rube-goldberg-machine gif animation with soundtrack

butdoesitfloat photography

conlin nancarrow music on youtube using player-piano with unusual rhythms

dany peschl photography nsfw

deadendthrills work of a game industry screenshot artist

entity.be/entity cost free electronic music. creative commons licensed

headphone commute free electronica ambient music mixes

jamendo portal for music under permissive licenses

kingketamine abstract gif animations

larry carlson animations

plopfish.com monsters gifs

ubuweb all avant-garde. all the time.


zoomquilt and http://zoomquilt2.madmindworx.com/zoomquilt2.swf zoomquilt2 infinitely zooming image


20q tries to find the word you think of by asking you not more than 20 questions

discogs music releases database, recommendations and market - good way to buy rare music

how to write unmaintainable code

reddit link submission and discussion site with an extremely broad topic span. for a succint explanation see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlI022aUWQQ youtube video


14 steps that will evolve your views about eating animals

animal killcounter

arxiv.org open access to 1,091,367 e-prints in physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics

attempto controlled english controlled natural language. texts are computer-processable and can be unambiguously translated

betterexplained explanations for various topics with a focus on mathematics

bitcoin.org digital currency

commons.wikimedia.org wikimedias archive of images and videos under permissive licenses


critical thinking web about argument analysis, fallacies, logic and more

dict.cc/ online dictionary

electronic frontier foundation

google.com/flights current airtravel information and costs overview

googleresearch.blogspot.de google research webblog

hyperphysics physics information with a spatial mind-map like navigation

internet archive archives online content. allows to revisit old site versions

lojban constructed human language

lojban reference grammar constructed human language

math-as-code math notation explained with programming code

metric4us information about the metric system versus the english system

okcupid free dating site

planet earth nature documentary

samharris speaker and book author

search.creativecommons.org search engine for creative commons licensed material

skeptics annotated bible/quran

the scale of the universe interactive visualisation

wiktionary english dictionary

worldometers.info various world statistics as live counters



a priori and a posteriori

anarcho-primitivism anarcho-primitivists advocate a return to non-"civilized" ways of life


artificial scarcity

civic nationalism

embrace, extent and extinquish strategy employed by companies like microsoft


european union

extraterrestrial liquid water

general size comparisons


list of countries by intentional homicide rate

lövheim cube of emotion proposed theoretical model aiming at explaining the relationship between the monoamine neurotransmitters and the emotions

maglev and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vactrain vactrain high speed trains (8000 km/h)

metric prefix

metric system

metrication in australia

nesting (computing)

non-rocket space launch

outline of knowledge


plutchniks wheel of emotions

precautionary principle

prisoners dilemma


rational irrationality

sensationalism a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to present biased impressions on events

si units

sound symbolism

stone tool


timeline of the far future

unusual articles

vendor lock-in

wood gas generator

worker cooperative




ghoti english word pronounced like "fish"

grammatical gender

hangul the korean alphabet. one of the easiest to learn

jamaican patois




apl symbolic programming language that prefers single special characters to words

bitwise operation

c standard library

datalog declarative logic programming language


foreign function interface

http secure

inter process communication

kademlia a distributed hash table for decentralized peer-to-peer computer networks

letsencrypt.org free, automated, open certificate authority


list of http header fields

list of http status codes

loop device

media preservation

monitor (synchronisation)

on undoing, fixing, or removing commits in git

printf format string

proprietary software proprietary software is often malware

same origin policy javascript

taxi programming language (and other unusual programming languages)

the linux documentation project

www.lambdanative.org/ scheme for ios, android, blackberry, os x, linux, windows, openbsd, netbsd and openwrt



allanmcrae.com allan mcrae photography

behance.net artist portfolios

chromeexperiments.com visual experiments that run in the browser


dextro.org algorithmic works

flexatone.org audio

lingscars website of a uk car rental company

meta.am music and images



thetypologist.tumblr.com typologies


caspian report addresses geopolitical, economic and social issues

cgpgrey succint explanations

mit opencourseware lectures

papiaani1 entertainment

raginghumor entertainment

rambalac high resolution video walks in japan without added music or talking

that japanese man junta japan street interviews


alphabet the company behind google and many other things

avantgarde acoustic horn loudspeakers

azarius smartshop, headshop

bandcamp.com drm free music in flac format and relatively low fees for artists

bike-components.de bicycle components

designbyhumans.com shirts

domains4bitcoins domain registration

euroschirm.com umbrellas

functional jobs job offers

gardein vegan and vegetarian food maker

gog store for linux games

leefilters.com light filters

mollie payment processing for your website, accepts bitcoin

nikon.de photo cameras

number26 credit card without regular fees and mobile app

raspberrypi.org low-cost mini computer

roseversand.co.uk bicycles and accessoires

shapeways 3d prints

skeppshult cast iron household products

stripe.com payment processing, including bitcoin

theparsec domain registration

threadless.com shirts

traulsen commercial refrigerators

trotec.com/en measurement-devices and other electronic devices and machines

uk.ecover.com/en household cleaning products

ultimateears.com in-ear heaphones

yosegi.net puzzle boxes

zara clothing


continuation passing style explanation

css3 selectors list of css3 selectors

emacs lisp reference manual

filesystem hierarchy standard

how to disable blinking cursors

linux syscalls

list of applications

openwall.com computer security related information

phpsadness.com about the php programming language

scrypt key derivation function

srfi scheme requests for implementation

unrealengine graphics engine

w3 publishes internet standards like html and css

web api browser interfaces

xmpp.net testing the security of the jabber/xmpp network


27bslash6.com go away

boston.com/bigpicture/2008/06/martian_skies.html images of the martian surface

cleverbot online chat bot

cyanide and happiness webcomic

development tourettes urban dictionary word definition

dontevenreply.com emails from an asshole

englishrussia blog about 1/6 of earth

file-swap.com upload one file and get a random one back



louisck.net homepage of comedian louis ck where you can buy his material easily and affordable


physics doodle

programming language checklist

psdisasters.com public image editing errors

red alert archive about the command and conquer red alert 1 computer game

sinnfrei gifs fun gifs easy to consume

what better way to keep a scammer busy than to make them copy an entire book by hand?

xkcd what if


colin percival

homepage of eben moglen

paul graham essays about startup funding and the computer industry

richarddawkins.net biologist, writer

sean carrol astrophysics

tech.nalaginrut.com guile related topics

wingolog.org guile related topics


4chan the abyss of the internet, or a discussion site with many thematical sub-boards where everyone is called "anonymous"

assertiveness text about assertiveness

atoptics information about atmospheric optics (rainbows, etc)

autism survival guide

azlyrics.com music lyrics database

big religion chart

blockchain bitcoin statistics and blockchain information

bugguide.net insect information

caniuse.com browser compatibility information

carpalx keyboard-layout generator and research

colin mcmillen with some interesting projects in and outside google, visualisations of global ddos attacks, word etymology

color in the solar system

darwin awards stories of people who were fully accountable for loosing their reproductive capabilities or life after extraordinarily stupid decisions

ddg xmpp guide for creating and using an xmpp account

dhmo.org dihydrogen monoxide

disc recording equalization demystified

duckduckgo search engine

eeemo.net decorates text with various utf-8 symbols

electricity misconceptions spread by textbooks

europeana.eu pan-european collection of original first world war source material


examine.com nutrition information

factbites.com search engine

freakonomics.com on the topic of social statistics

gnod spatial visualisation of related music, movies, tv series

google maps satellite and plain maps of the world, stars and moon. high resolution exploration of places with streetview, route planning

google maps: brazil area do you have a good idea of the size of the south american rainforest? move around, maybe you find an end

google translate supports multiple languages and alphabets

google.com/trends graph the popularity of search keywords

imdb.com internet movie database

imgur image hoster

inasentence.org lists sentences to show how a word is used

jesses bookmarklets bookmarks that run javascript to do things on the current page

kilosecond measuring day time in kiloseconds

let me google that for you creates an url that when accessed shows executing a google search for a search term

liveleak unusual/strange/extreme/deadly videos

loadedtouringbikes.com photos

login or log-in

lolita fashion weblog

long now foundation about long-term thinking

mediafire.com one-click filehoster

nationmaster.com compare countries on just about anything

naturalearthdata.com public domain earth map vector data

nature publishing group science journals and more

nerdboyfriend fashion

newsmap.jp news as a treemap visualisation

normal distribution explanation

numbeo.com/common information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution


octomatics number system with advantages over the decimal system

online atheism movies

online encyclopedia of integer sequences

openid.net decentralised accounts. you have an account with a trusted registrar, and can use this account on sites that support openid logins

opentopia.com live webcams

pixabay.com public domain images

pixel-peeper photo camera sample images

psychology wiki

pure data tutorial

pure data tutorial

quietube plays youtube videos outside the youtube website

quotegarden.com quote database

reuters news reports

satoshibox upload files and charge bitcoin for downloads

scigen automatic fake cs paper generator

seatguru.com airline seat maps

snopes.com internet reference for urban legends and misinformation

stackexchange cc-by-sa question/answer site

studio monitors - color calibration for sound

subjective comparison of germany and the united states

thatsmathematics.com/mathgen generate random mathematics research papers

the illustrated guide to a phd

the straight dope answers general reader questions

translatorscafe photos

typographydeconstructed.com comprehensive guide to the anatomy of type

tzigla.com collaborative drawings


university of cambridge

usage of a backtick

video game sales charts

vimeo lightning captured at 7207 images per second



wikileaks site for publications of classified information by whistleblowers

wikipedia visualizations

wind resistance and cycling speed

wisdomofreddit search reddit comments that contain search terms

wolfram alpha mathematical search engine

youtube video with james randi



deepintoyoutube, idiotsincars, osha, anything, rage comics, debateavegan, fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu, hmmm, kenm, rant, scheme, unpopularopinion, wikipedia, self

2meirl4meirl, bettereveryloop, enoughinternet, answers, askreddit, askscience, banned, bestof, brutalism, crappydesign, crappyoffbrands, creepy, educationalgifs, freesoftware, gnu, hailcorporate, iama, insanepeoplefacebook, internetisbeautiful, justiceserved, linux gaming, mapswithouticeland, mildlyinfuriating, museumofreddit, nataliedormer, nononono, nostupidquestions, politicalfactchecking, proceduralgeneration, reposts, simpleliving, subredditoftheday, tiresaretheenemy, tooafraidtoask, trueoffmychest, truereddit, unexpected, woahdude, worldnews, wtf

european union








pan-european news



github.com/scheme code repositories

r6rs.org the revised6 report on the algorithmic language scheme

scheme-reports.org scheme reports process

srfi.schemers.org forum for people interested in coordinating libraries and other additions to the scheme language between implementations

srfi.schemers.org/final-srfis.html final srfis


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