orange peeling techniques

current favorite



i do not even know if that is possible by hand, it is rather difficult and dangerous if done with a knife. the spiraling motion is similar to how some machines peel

middle cut and spoon

make a cut around the center, use a spoon or a flat stick, like the back of a spoon, to go under the skin and remove it

the top of a spoon does not always have the same form as the orange, using it the under the skin may cut into the fruit flesh. the handle may do so, too


find a position between the segments, open on a vertical line between the green spots on one half, reach into it with both hands and tear the fruit apart

does not work with all types, the types where it works may not be available

can get messy if you do not find the right starting point or the type is not suited

properties of oranges

thick skin

sticky peel: rolling the fruit to loosen the bond between skin and peel may possibly help

inner coating: sometimes theres still much of the bitter inner white stuff (mesocarp) around the fruit flesh left after peeling

hard shell: some types dry out, and the skin becomes hard and difficult to penetrate or peel

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