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the music recommended here is not just one style, it is at least not a pop/rock music collection. i am looking for unusual sound texture and rhythm in general, music that offers something that has not been done before, mostly instrumental. there is an emphasis on synthesizer-based music

album of the year

2017: deaths dynamic shroud wmv.i ll try living like this (youtube, bandcamp)

2016: ruby trance 11

2015: susumu yokota.zero in memory

2014: panda bear.person pitch

2013: aus.recollected

2011: akira rabelais.spellewauerynsherde

2005: tortoise.it's all around you


darknet ruby-dance polegroup soleilmoon rune-grammofon linn line

touch schematic hymen raster-noton ant-zen mille-plateaux clinical-archives

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there are currently about 9000 albums in my collection that i have listened to. it took me decades to find the music i like, and not unlikely with new findings, i find they had already been around for decades. but i did not know about it. and with so much music in the world as today (millions of albums), and artists names attached to albums of usually greatly varying quality, buying music is a lottery - a very expensive one. and i have felt ripped off often because one can rarely judge an album adequately before having listened to it fully in a high quality format in the right mood. also, many labels and artists, particularly those that produce experimental music, limit the number of available copies artificially to small numbers, which makes it even harder to find such music. and music is often only available on plastic discs or temporarily with streaming and drm protected files, instead of usable digital files, if available anywhere at all - often they aren't. i hope this list helps someone to save time with finding strange and unusual music and make better buying decisions

where to get music 2018

for example:

flac files and cds on bandcamp.com

cds on ebay

cds on discogs.com

streaming on spotify

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