phrases that are supposed to be thought-provoking

too many people in too many difficult situations

the sensorial buffet of the living

no risk more fun

outsiders in a group: insiders

times value stands in contrast to its effortless passing

such simple, much complicated, very problem

they take your time 'til time takes you

"everybody shall be king" - the king

electro cute

sometimes you respect people, then you see their code

getting entertained by the luckier doing their thing

as i sat in front of the grumbling train my, heart was mind in flowers then

4-digit iq

never change a rotten system

do not assume, do not expect, be yourself without regret

if you flee you still move in a direction

a street carpet is a childs grand theft auto

everybody of my gender should be gay except me

even if it is not perfect, prepare it to become so

how people that seem so similar to you turn out to be morons anyway

it does not necessarily mean that what you do is bad, eventually it means that there are not many like you to appreciate it

regardless of how much potential something has, what matters is who or how many endorse it

once it is out, it is all marketing. millions of things compete by marketing. and perhaps in the end the marketers and merchants will be at the top

nothing a person has done can prove that the next thing they do will be as good as anything they did

discipline is about reactions to own thoughts and senses

one of my lifes goals is to avoid a darwin award

it might earn me a price in five hundred years

if you want to create a fake picture of clouds from above then take a picture of a cloudy sky, cut off the landscape and rotate 180 degrees

scientific knowledge works with everyone at least insofar as it is verifiable with the things we share

now that you are alive, be welcome to learn the deepest meaning of failure in the lifelong journey to reveal the prizes of the genetic lottery

criminals often focus on rewards instead of negative consequences

never be led by people already behind you

feeling like a drop from the ceiling

harddisks are bit printers

what makes people self-confident is a feeling of control

it is easy to be on the other side of the wall if you build it

popular insanity

the internet brings common people to deal more with text and abstract thought

widespread is treating emotion-based imagination as equivalent to logical reason

as long as everybody thinks "people are not smart, so we do not need to offer services to smart people", there might be less benefit for anybody to be smart


they may be talking and it sounds just like it would make sense or stem from deep thinking, but it does not. it is an overemotional, potential-driven wash of unimportant noise

more money than you will ever have had

noise crutches. like in "i do not need noise crutches you hyposensitive prick"

smart politics are moderate

you are hereby fired, by me, from being a decent person

if somebody is able to do something that net benefits, do not be discouraging. it may be something you would never find the time to do

life after school is like the last field trip. if you found your childhood to last a few years, your adulthood will seem to last a few months

time is an asshole

i need a new fortune cookie, my previous one has been fulfilled

looking at screens like deers into headlights

music: decorating time

it is easy as in easily applied, not obvious, as it took several lifetimes to invent

sometimes little is more annoying than someone in too good a mood

i will make sure that the whale gets its favorite plankton

what the mind is able to distinguish it can appreciate

beauty is for those who ask for it. because the ones that dont tend to grow a hate for it every time they are exposed to it and ultimately want to wipe it out

do not copy nature, mirror it

"are you crazy, why do you bother, why do you not like what we all like?" - alienated as that, you become a composer

the older people around me get, the more they tend to assume that some things have to be the way they are, when they do not

to regain confidence in the determinism of machines and the observability of problems

posthumously sentenced to death for suicide

dont accept the premise of the question

when the hell are we

getting accused of perfectionism: "he accused me of perfection"

the, breath-comma

the cat smoked pot and became very smooth

traffic signals inside buildings/offices

people that never fix a problem at its root

poke with a stick

swords are big knives

not mistake, you steak

please move the logo half a pixel to the left

the sound of water dripping on a hotplate

thermo-colored toilet seats

licking fingers before turning pages

you are the person of my dreams, nightmares that is

sleep impregnation

fancy biscuits

edible foliage


typos and invented

the ant enna, sequrity, apparent lee, pacmen, ellebat, e-mess, lll low-level-lisp, ystax, SCM_FOOL_B, kodoxa, summersalt, fedine, sattus, duplicat, voctor, crusor, retrun, ploblem, evidance, pretty-pint, exmaple, cerate, dorpbox


helvetica, roman, lucida, arial, andale, verdana, ...; quenni, yaquaqe, szyzygy, cassiopeia, icosahedra, ludgera, clorinda, aurelia, kadia, myhrre, alchiva, kalea, pia, tabea, kirov, itsuko, cecile, larsoff rubiniental

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