traffic intersection patterns

code challenge / experiment for a visualisation of the possible combinations of cars at traffic intersections, where each car signals a target direction

i was making my drivers license and thought this might help me learning, it did not, though it visualises just how many different situations can arise at an intersection

see these html pages (they open in new tabs)

how this was created

using an old version of (sph vector selection)

then building svg xml-code via sxml

what made me start the challenge was that i wanted to find an algorithm to solve the order of priority of way automatically, and i partly succeeded. i wanted to do it ad-hoc as a small fun excercise in like 1-2 hours, but it was not so simple. then at some point i just wanted to see some images and get it over with. for completeness, the code is here intersection-patterns.scm

it depends on guile, sph-lib and guile-lib and is supposed to be run like "guile intersection-patterns.scm" and emits the xml

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