project ideas

a program that extracts c routine, macro, struct, enum and type signatures. this can be used to create a basic interface documentation

scheme or general command-line code refactoring and analysis. find uses, declarations, rename modules/other-identifiers, list dependency trees

chatbot that uses lojban or ACE

a library for automated microtransactions. cryptocurrency as intermediate value storage. event when credits arrived. for all kinds of unlocking something, one-time buys or subscriptions

mathematical formula collection that uses ascii and maybe prefix notation instead of traditional mathematical notation

implement equivalents of mathematical notation as procedures in scheme (similar to math-as-code)

xmpp email gateway. xmpp as an email replacement

command-line application that lists active network connections and works like a stream/flow (like "tail -f") for new connections and shows only source, destination, ports, inbound/outbound and protocol. to debug firewalls

basic dicussion web application with indented message threading and maybe email support. could replace mailing lists

more open metadata databases (movies, music, games, products) with api and fair payment if one needs many requests or the full dataset

a syntactic module system for scheme similar to what is explained here or what is used in chez scheme

list public trust breakage of for example politicials and companies in a simple way with sources to verify and an atom feed

distributed file system library. with peer discovery from seed nodes similar to kademlia

distributed virtual memory library. automatically prefer fastest-to-reach nodes

an object-action dictionary that lists any kind of object in the world and how it is useful, and the reverse

graph/hierarchy of mathematics concepts with relations as their dependencies. "if i want to learn x, what is the minimum i have to know?"

automatic mapping from system programs (anything in $PATH) to scheme procedures

automatically create a package from modified system configuration files. so that you can install the base packages and the configuration packages and have the same system. paconf

file-integrity layer userspace file system or other things that ensure that files do not get corrupted over time

guile binding to lmdb

command-line application that counts key presses and mouse clicks. xinput is an example application that can register xserver events anywhere. quantified self

application that generates text descriptions of unlimited random worlds like minecraft. for example creating a textual journey through a world, maybe even interactive

automatically create graphical user interfaces from command-line interface specifications like the ones sph-cli creates

metaphorizer: replace patterns in text with ridiculous metaphors, idioms, figurative speech

a news website that allows tracking events and that displays events by date and not so much by click popularity

latin character encoding without outdated control characters of ascii

a linear hangul character set (supposed quasi-ideal character set) optimised for lojban (supposed quasi-ideal pronounciation to optimise for because combination of important languages)

collect information about easily underestimated programming tasks. programs that seem low effort to implement but are actually a lot of work

email client that stores mail with sqlite or one file per email

purely functional scheme

store file format information exclusively in extended file attributes

an actually practical peer-to-peer website system

a fake word generator

computer assisted categorisation of music. loudness, calmness, instrumentation

planck units calculator and visualisation

program for emacs keybinding visualisation. maybe using only ascii characters

minimal responsively scaling calendar with event groups used for taking all kinds of notes and view note-of-group histories as lists

collect image memes as machine readable text and publicise them for free use

terminal csv editor

wavelength to rgb approximation converter

application to add filename extensions if they are missing

bookmark sharing website with open licenses and tags

ways to sell digital products where the price lowers after a custom threshold of income. so that income is one fixed amount like for a commission, and a extra afterwards continously if it stays popular, instead of premium prices forever

configure process priorities in /etc before programs start

online service where users can create timelines of things

list expected and unexpected active processes using a process whitelist

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