writing fails

excerpts of bad or questionable writing

most of it vacuous or needlessly figurative


how big is x? x is very common...

a fluent api

it is known, that...

it is natural/obvious/clear

it can often be visualised

really double down and zero in

the general rendering process of x is simple. {5 pages of explanation follow}

what are the alternatives? there are many alternatives... {continues to never get specific or helpful}

what is x-loader? x-loader is a loader. there are many cool features provided by x-loader

what is k? k makes your feel better

what makes x different? x is unique

what is the difference between properties and attributes? the difference between attributes and properties can be important in specific situations

deal a blow to {abstract concept}

get your hands dirty in {abstract concept}

everybody knows

it harnesses the full power

we will likely need to leverage modules

the low-down on x

xprojects goal is to provide a thin, airtight, amazing, flexible and beautiful tool

as we all learned in college

it becomes intuitively obvious

x killing y in an argument

x utterly destroys y in a discussion

client success manager

drive customer loyality

unlock business insights

for those of you who already know it, this should come as no surprise

designed to be used by novice users and experienced users alike

provides a flexible way to use many different features

country draws fire from other country

a beautiful design and an elegant interface

deep dive into something

an agency unlocks a new money grant

mastering x

understanding x

before diving into the code

simply returning

remove a whole lot of different tasks from the developers plate

when the love shines on you

i can feel the passion flowing through my veins

i will never understand what i never know

you tattooed your name across my heart

they should not be allowed to stomp on each others memory

my attempt to convince you suffered two crippling blows

create flexible search forms

a dynamic language

rich data structures

what you secretly want to know

what x does not want you to know

this will make you x

why we are all thinking about x

the truth about x

syntactic sugar

turbocharge x with y

a new home? three earth-like planets discovered

found a fresh local cache

screamingly fast

gives you super powers

why everybody loves x

will blow your mind

wait until you see x

a study of motion will involve

the file is sitting on the filesystem

a robust and flexible configuration

tackle the problems head on

json love for your command line

breathe life into

the velocity function is simply the derivative of the position function. so what we have really shown is that integrating the velocity simply recovers the original position function

earth shattering beauty

freedom under fire

there is more than one way to skin a cat

c pointers into the ether

like a modern code version of the mythical beast with 100 serpent heads, x runs http requests in parallel while cleanly encapsulating handling logic

geeky stats

bulletproof and flexible layouts

50 amazing plugins that you should start using right now

a solid foundation for enterprise solutions that provides a flexible and extensible architecture for building multi-lingual, multi-tenant applications

before we dig into the api

this directory is an escape hatch for static assets


try out: dip your toes into

lacking: anemic

to create: to whip up, to cobble together, to give birth to

to manage: to shepherd

to use: to leverage, to harness

to catch: to trap

an increase: a boom

new: fresh

ending something: killing something

valid: kosher

endorsement: blessing

programming source code: logic

based on: powered by

big: behemoth

to send: to fire

the trick: the secret sauce

creation: birth

information: juicy information

a lot: a ton

to avoid: to fend off the demons of

to compile: to cook

make it easier: make it a breeze



























filler words like "simply" "just" "easily" "straightforward" that can even come off as patronising to a learner

vague, meaningless, untestable, hyperbole, suggestive: "amazing" "beautiful" "elegant" "powerful" "flexible"

inappropriate figurativeness, idioms, unnecessary metaphors

claims of measure without relation

filler, teasing and deferrence "how to do x? first i will fill 80% of this page with something irrelevant"

teaching the incorrect solution first "ignore that you wont understand anything that you are supposed to learn right now, it will be explained later"

unnecessary adjectives for short descriptions of software projects

noise and clickbait

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